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October 6th 2009
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First look of Zhuhai!First look of Zhuhai!First look of Zhuhai!

Right before I got off the ferry to reach China.
I'm sitting in my dorm and it's nearly 11pm here in China. I made a little calendar to map out things I need to get done and I'm looking at the date. It's almost October 7th which means I left Minnesota almost exactly one month ago. First of all, I can't believe that is possible-- it seems like only yesterday I was getting on the flight (dreading the monotonous 15 hour trip) and moving into my room at UIC. I look back at my Zhuhai photo album and already I've collected 100+ pictures and I can barely grasp that amongst all of the craziness that is studying abroad, this room and these pictures are my life and will be my life until January 19th, 2010. I still wake up each morning thinking, "What is going on? How am I waking up in China everyday?" When Joe and I were taking the bus to Gong Bei today, we were discussing all of these things and we both agreed that while time feels slow in some respects, time is really moving fast. My first month here has been a roller coaster of emotions (to be expected) which I think has been the most
Typhoon aftermathTyphoon aftermathTyphoon aftermath

This was the day I was supposed to start classes. There was a level 8 typhoon and it cancelled class.
difficult part for me. I have moments where:
I cannot seem to be comfortable.
I can completely accept that this is my life.
I miss home so badly and want to call home (always seems to happen at times where it would be 2 or 3am back home).
I cannot believe how cool it is to say that I've lived here.
I want to scream because my Chinese is terrible and cannot communicate how I feel.

While I confess I may sound a little downtrodden, overall I feel like I have done pretty well for the first month. Zhuhai is absolutely beautiful-- everyday I wake up and I see palm trees and massive sloping hills. Taking the bus to get to downtown, I see the sea and boats on the harbor and I think, "Wow. There is no good way to describe this place. I wish everyone I knew could come and experience life here."

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My roommate and meMy roommate and me
My roommate and me

Manie is a sweetheart! She is from Macau.
Humble AbodeHumble Abode
Humble Abode

I enjoy my room.
Walking to the bus Walking to the bus
Walking to the bus

and it's always hot here!
Just passed into MacauJust passed into Macau
Just passed into Macau

Macau was very interesting to walk through on a hot Saturday.
Palm Trees and HighrisesPalm Trees and Highrises
Palm Trees and Highrises

Macau was filled with highrises.
The local expat barThe local expat bar
The local expat bar

We enjoy "The Old Chinese Junk." It's owned by a rather loud British man who is one of the kindest people I've ever met.
Getting out of Chinese classGetting out of Chinese class
Getting out of Chinese class

and this is what I look out to. It's gorgeous.

6th October 2009

Thanks for the pictures and story
So glad to get this view of where you are, Emmy. Have a great day.

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