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April 18th 2007
Published: April 18th 2007
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Sunday my invitation led me to an area where Dandong and North Korea are separated by a very thin part of the river and where Dandong is bordered by the end of the Great Wall. Eager to begin my mission, I was the first one to the tallest part of the Great Wall. From that amazing view, I scoped out the area. I studied the geography of the land. I planned my non-military, non-aggressive tactic. I located an area of a thin river and could make out stepping stones across the river. Bekah joined me as I ran back down the Great Wall and followed my plan of strategy. We crossed under a Great Arch, passed the fruit vendors, passed the village, and quietly walked past the white picket gate and followed it down the length of the river. Just then, a lady ran towards us, shouting. She was rambling in Chinese for us to come back. "Wei-shenma?"
"You can't go there." She said.
Reluctantly, we went back towards the boats. "Hey hey!" Some people were shouting in a boat. "Come!"
Bekah and I looked at each other and then hopped into the boat.
"We are so glad to have you with us. I'm so happy to share a ride with you" said the North Korean friend as he beamed with a smile. "No, no the pleasure is ours!" Bekah and I replied sincerely. He introduced his other friends in the boat. He pointed to the only other woman in the boat. He pointed out several things to us. He pointed out that we were about 5 feet away from the North Korean border. He pointed out how China's border has a wire fence and Korea's border has armed guards and hidden security cameras. Bekah and I asked him if he could ask the boat driver to get close enough to the bank so we can at least skim North Korea and say we touched it. He gave us a blank stare. "You can't."
That boat was a no go. Even the ducks in the river seemed to mock us, as they quacked and swam to shake off their wet feathers on the bank, two arm lengths away from me. So when it ended, we departed with the Koreans and joined the group, who wanted to go on the same ride we did. So we joined them again. I can't say anything more, because I fear for my life. But I have a twig. That's all I'm saying. And North Korean soldiers look good in their uniforms. But you can't take pictures; without being shot. But I'm not saying anything. Nothing happened at all. In fact it was so boring that I can't believe this blog isn't over with yet.

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23rd April 2007

Freak out !!
Gee, Tracey, you really freaked me out. Jumping on a boat with people you have no idea about. Pushing your limits again!! PLEASE BE CAREFUL !! love you, miss you...

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