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December 29th 2010
Published: December 29th 2010
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I was walking home from work today, when I happened to pass by one of the many security guards that keep vigil over the things that rich people own. Guy my age, maybe older--so there was no excuse for what happened. He said hello to me, as do any number of Cambodians on a daily basis. Ignorant me, I said hello back.

The guy then proceeded to engage me in a conversation despite the fact that his English was even more limited than my Khmer. Looking me directly in the eyes, and smiling innocently, as if it were a common, everyday request, he proceeded to ask me in all honesty, " At...guesthouse. 10 o'clock...?"

I just stood there blinking for a moment, just trying to take that all in. I had to conclude that's what he actually said; when "guest house" is pronounced "guess how" sometimes the words don't always mean what you think they do. Without getting angry or anything, I simply walked away. Chuckling.

Well, I might as well hop on the next flight back to the US and retire from life. I've truly seen everything now.

Just wait till I tell you about the SNOW.


29th December 2010

You are such a tease!
I was certain you were going to say you got some. I occasionally have Chinese women say something similar, but then they want 1500 rmb. And I thought they were interested in me. Damn... Ilook forward to hearing about the SNOW.
30th December 2010

The Joke's on The Guard
I thank Sex in the City sarcastically, because I'm quite certain that wonderful shows such as that one are the reason random Cambodian security guards think they can ask me that as a Western woman. To top it off, this guy wasn't even good-looking. For God's sake.
31st December 2010

Hilarious!...-ly sad!
Wow. What a creepy weirdo. Pretty scary, when you really think about it, huh? Yeah, movies (especially pornos) and TV shows certainly do not help the image of American women, but I bet the huge industry of porn magazines (and websites), massive number of strip clubs, and countless prostitutes are mainly to blame as well. Now you know why everyone stares at you all the time and what they are probably thinking. YUCK! I'm so sorry. This world. SO insane. Pray for their souls!! :)
31st December 2010

Sadly, though, it really doesn't have much to do with the sex industry. Prostitution is far, far, far more rampant here than ANYTHING in the United States. Porn comes from all countries, even Asian ones. The real culprit really is our trashy media, portraying women as these crass materialistic sex-addicts. People just assume it's culturally OK to ask me this stuff. I should probably get angrier at people like this guard, in defense of sisterhood and womenhood.
1st January 2011

That bastard stole my best pick-up line!

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