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December 31st 2007
Published: March 7th 2008
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More than half a million people drive Moto's in Phnom Penh. With Phnom Penh's population at just over 2 million people, and with often more than one person on a Moto- it seems as if everyone is on the streets! Weaving in and out of traffic, being a Moto driver requires concentration, skill and cunning. Even more talent is required to take loads- people paying fairs on motodops; exquisitely dressed women going to weddings; furniture and dishes; pigs wrapped in Sugar Cane...You negotiate the road next to tow carts with sacks of flour or loads of bricks. Huge SUV's from the Government, ambassadors or the head of an NGO speed past a Moto with an adult and 2 children under 5 years old. 12 year old boys driving their friends past elephants in the street. At first you think the masks look silly, then you realize they are the key to catching a breath of clean air. The fresh breeze is easy on the skin, but the Moto exhaust, smoke and dust are hard on the lungs. Being on a Moto in Moto traffic is organized chaos, its a ton of fun and it defines life in Phnom Penh! These pictures are some of the things I saw while, On the Moto in Phnom Penh....


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7th March 2008

valuable pictures
As the country progress , you won't see this in afew years time as thier economy getting better and they all want cars like china. i like your photo works ,.As a photographer myself ,you should visit Indonesia one day. Indonesia is heaven for scubadivers and alot of place are very remote and very still primitive and sceneries are wonderful especially for photographers.
7th March 2008

What life and energy!
Hi Steve! That was a great description...captures the chaos and vitality of the streets. The pictures are so fun and capture moto life really well. Thanks for sharing with all! :)
8th March 2008

Incredible Feat of Balance
Throughout our time in SE Asia we saw all sorts of crazy things being carried on motor bikes and often joked that huge pieces of furniture must be carried this way too. Well here you have it! A great catch all around. Thanks for posting this blog, its fuel for our "crazy stories of Asia" discussions with friends! Well done!
11th March 2008

one enormous carefully constructed circus act
I am at Riverside Phenom Pehn reading this wonderful entry, you have captured motoworld perfectly. as I finished reading this blog a moto came past pulling enough furniture to furnish a small bedsit, on top of this balancing act was one crouching dog, a live bird cage, and two more mopeds with the riders actually balancing on top of the mopeds on top of all the furniture....its like one enormous carefully constructed circus act. Perfection.
11th March 2008

Interesting to know you are seeing these sights in front of your eyes this very moment! Talk about economy of movement huh? Thanks to everyone!!

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