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August 9th 2007
Published: August 9th 2007
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Here we are at last in Cambodia.... feeling thousands of miles away from Malaysia. Great being here, as I ahve only ever been here with groups and have never had a free minute to myself. Travel today was easy... 2 flights.... 1 hour & 2 hours..... with just a short layover in Kl. Arrived here in Phnom Penh in time to drop our bags and head onto the streets. The city comes alive as the sun sets and things start to cool.... with the orange glow of the sun easing across the horizon. Walk for blocks and blocks... always amazed at what goes takes place on the streets.... roadside barbers / roasted creatures / beggars / informal gasoline sellers / tuk tuk touts / child labor / etc.... Cambodia at its finest.

Had a great evening promenade along the Mekong... with drinks at the FCC (Foreign Correspondants Club). Dinner nearby. Tordes and the kids buying blackmarket books from the child vendors... and me enjoying the cheapest beer of this trip so far. We have a simple but nice little hotel called the Billabong.. right in the center just minutes from the local market. I think that this is our coolest night yet... but fear that Siem Reap will be much hotter.

Kids were in bet watching tv as I left. First place I went into was advertising Internet and hairstyling. I should have known better... as there were a dozen attractive girls and no computers to be seen. Next place was the same... and I was offered a 4$ massage. At last found this place.... full of mossies and crap a/c.... but decent computers. Tomorrow we have a full day planned.... and we are really looking forward to it. Clouds in the sky so who knows about that. Our hotel is a little oasis with a simple pool.... but any pool is a magnet for the kids... so not sure how we will avoid that one. May have to allow for a mid-day dip. By far this is the cheapest point on this trip yet.... cheapest transport / food / accom / beer / internet. Good value for our money. Geez.... poor Tordes is back in the room trying to get Riel to take here malaria meds... always the daily challenge. We hide Luca's infood or drink... though he can always taste it. Riel is too tough to be outwitted and puts up a good fight. I wish Tordes luck.

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9th August 2007

travel challenges
I thought of you all often while we were off on our trip to Peter Hope Lake, 4 hours from Vancouver by car. Any challenges we had were minor compared to the things you guys are facing. Well done, since you're getting to see such wonderful things, and the kids will never learn more than when they see the world through different cultures. Miss you, see you soon ! Al.

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