Siem Reap:Sunrise, Temples, and a Floating Village

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September 14th 2014
Published: June 11th 2017
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Another fantastic day! We were up at 3:45 am to meet the group at 4:30 am to get out to Angkor Wat for the sunrise. It was lightly drizzling when we left and unfortunately there really wasn't much of a sunrise because of the heavy cloud cover. However, it was still quite magical to see the towers of Angkor Wat emerge from the darkness. There were big crowds waiting for the sunrise and we had to ho... Read Full Entry

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15th September 2014

Ohhh what great photos, and Susan's hot pink shirt just fits right in. lol I like your description of the small, strong, but sooo sweet coffee. You look like you both are really enjoying this trip, good on Ya, my gals. ps; All is well here
the kitie girrrrlls are doing just fine and we do have a good routine too. lol bfn
15th September 2014

That's great you went to Ta Prohm. I saw a documentary a while back about an Australian photographer who had photo'd the temples for a book a number of years ago and went back to them just recently. The first time he was at Ta Prohm it was
totally deserted and not known by tourists. Now the VIP's go there!!! the boat ride to the village looked really interesting too.
15th September 2014

Hi Gurls! Looks like phenomenal ruins. What an amazing experience for you. Ask your tour guide if buying from the children would help pay for their education. I wonder. Or instead, take up a collection and give it to the local school--or pe
rhaps if it's corrupt, the monies wouldn't go there anyway, right. Who knows. It's a hard call. I look forward to more stories! Much love, many hugs,Marilyn xoxo
15th September 2014

Hey, great photos and travelogue!!!
16th September 2014

Darlings! have visited your blog and, what can I say, it is spectacular! the pictures make me feel as is I am there and the descriptions are excellent! thanks for taking us along with you on this grant adventure. Love you guys. Enjoy!Be

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