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March 5th 2017
Published: March 8th 2017
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Angkor Wat is probably the grand finale of Cambodia and of this whole trip, so getting up for the sunrise seemed in order, but a 4 a.m. start seemed a bit early when the sunrise is at 6:40 and we are only 15 minutes from the site! Of course no one had explained the hour long wait to get the tickets. Not sure why there was an hour long wait, I just think they like to complicate things round here, and it true to say that if they wanted to arrange a party in a brewery they would struggle.

Anyway, on schedule, up came the sun, and it was round and orange as usual. The hundreds of people all oohed and ahwed, lots a awesome were heard, but why does the really tall guy (wearing a white Stetson) always stand right in front of me, I am going to have to do some photoshopping when I get home.

Once the show was over, our guide took us off to start the tour, I think they all have different routes to try to spread the crowd out. We did Angkor Wat and then the Bayon Temple, which has mainly fallen down because they built the moat too close. I think it's more atmospheric that way, but they are trying to piece it back together, hence being known as the Giant Jigsaw puzzle.

The day got hotter, and obviously Mad dogs and English Men were still out in it ( and monkeys too). By the time we got to the final temple, Angkor Thom, to say I was pooped is an understatement. Much of this place has been grown over by tree routes and there are some lovely photo opportunities, but trying to get a picture without it containing some goofy girls, or fashion model wannabees is almost impossible. One overdressed American women (Ken asked if she was in pantomime) treated it like her own private fashion shoot, taking all kind on weird poses, so we got our guide to stop everyone just for a second, so we could get some pictures without the models - which got a cheer from those who had been waiting for such a moment for ages. At least at times you found yourself in a bit of ruin devoid of people, and then it was so atmospheric you could appreciate it's beauty.

After being up so early, and it being so hot I had now had it and needed to get out of the sun and lie down, not helped by having the worst cough I have ever had. So a little rest, and then a Tuk Tuk to Pub Street, I kid you not. We thought we would have a quite meal, and watch some traditional dancing, but when that finished the Kareoke started, so we beat a hasty retreat and called it a day, a very, very long day.

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