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May 7th 2011
Published: June 4th 2011
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Siem Reap is the home to one of the ancient wonders of the world... Ankor Wat. It is the largest temple in Siem Reap and one of many to see all with their own characturistics. Siem Riep is over 1000 years old and all of the temples were built soley for the Gods as 'offerings' in a way and held some religous ceremonies. As the temple sites are UNESCO heritage sites it is quite pricy (for a backpacker) to visit so we only got a day ticket and went for sunrise.They really are stunning and Siem Riep itself is quite a cool little town now which has built up a lot over recent years to cater for western tourists so there are many nice bars, restaurants and querky shops if you ever fancy a very cheap holiday here with guarenteed sun whilst visiting one of the stunning world wonders.
Just to make the experience a little more once in a life time Tom and I decided to take a 'Micro Light' trip over a few of the temples to get a slightly better view... it was truly an experience! The adreneline that pumps through your viens as your 1500 meters up in the air above 1000 year old plus architecture as you are propelled along by what looks like an oversized fan attached to a hang glider feeling the wind on your skin going 70mph. Just take a look at the videos, a scary and thrilling experience!

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