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February 7th 2006
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Sunset at the top of one of the temples
Alright, we made the border cross..after a week of planning and hearing horror stories about 15hr bus rides from hell, breakdowns, scams ect ect, we did it in a cool 4hrs.

Border Crossing:

Woke up early, got a tuk-tuk (threewheeler thing) to the hassled by a bunch of people trying to "help" us with our visa's...stiff armed past them and made my break to the immigration office...blew past a bunch of Thai's waiting in the "thai" our visa stamp and were off to Siem Reap in an air conditioned Toyota Camery..most people take a bus for 8$US...I recruited a couple of girls (whom I thought were dudes at first,) to split the cab with us 4 ways (10$ each) and we were off..intersesting girls, I think they may have ben thespians....

The Road:
The thing about this road from the border to Siem Riep is that it is the worst road in Asia, putting it in contention for worst road in the world I would was awsome though...part paved part dirt road..nothign but bumps and dust...the Pot holes had potholes in them...and the driver was doing about 70km the whole way..hit my head on the

Me at the top of this temple thats on top of a mountain
roof more than a couple of times...he was just bombing through these massive holes in the road like we were in the General Lee or somthing...oh and in Cambodia when you want to pass someone you just lay on the horn and blow by them....we almost ran over these two young kids (12?) and he slowed down after and opened the door and started screaming at was awsome...
So got here at bout noon and checked into the "popular guesthoue"..thats what its called..

North of Siem Reap are the Temples of angkor...the largest religious buildings in the world...and the ones from Tomb Raider with the trees groing into the side of them if that helps you out...we hired a tuk tuk driver to take us to one of them for sunset (see pictures)...he drove us all the way there, waited for an hour and half..then drove us home all for 3$...real funny guy, bout we hired him to be our chaufeur for the next three days while we explore the rest of the temples...(10$ a day)..he picks you up in the morning, then drives you around all day..

anway its real nice here and we are getting up early to start our temple tours so got to go to bed...

Hope everyone is doing good...take it easy



7th February 2006

Cool Stuff
Looking good Jimmy! Love Thesbieans. They make a great sandwich!

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