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March 4th 2009
Published: March 6th 2009
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I must tell you that there’s not a lot to say about Wednesday - I don’t think you all want to hear the details of my food poisoning symptoms. I do have to wonder about the karma of it all though…

We returned to Tchey school on Wednesday morning to scrape and scrub the paint off the floor tiles and leave the room orderly and clean. We set to work with buckets of water, scouring pads, paint scrapers, mops and brooms. Considering the amount of spilled and splattered paint, it actually went pretty quickly. The room became something of an indoor skating rink when the floor was wet, though - caution was required to stay on one’s feet. At one point, I was taking the mop outside to wring it out when I slipped a bit on the tiles. I caught myself before I fell, but unfortunately I also caught a small boy smack on the head with the mop handle. He looked shocked, and then began to cry, and I felt just awful. I can only imagine the story his mother might hear at the end of the day: “A big scary white lady came to school today and hit me on the head with a big stick!”

So perhaps this little intestinal disruption is some kind of karmic payback for not being careful enough. Or maybe it was the banana flower salad I had for lunch…

But that banana flower salad sure tasted great! Jaz and I rode our bikes to the Singing Tree Café for lunch, a sort of crunchy vegetarian restaurant and community gathering place. Their menu is full of assurances about how safe their food is (“We wash all vegetables in filtered water, so our salads are safe to eat!”) but my stomach trouble started about two hours after eating there, so I’m a bit suspicious.

Because I was sort of committed to staying in our room while the illness ran its course, Jaz was left to fend for herself. She and Ponheary went back to the Wat Bo School (on Ponheary’s motorbike!) to let the kids know which of them had been chosen for the project. (They chose based on their speaking skills and their written skills on a questionnaire they had been given. It was fun reading the answers!) Then she hung around with me until she got hungry enough to go down the street and get some dinner on her own. Thanks to the fact that we brought the first season of Six Feet Under on our portable hard drive, she had some entertainment for the rest of the evening.

I hereby promise not to put the smack down on any more cute Cambodian kids, and I certainly hope I will be rewarded by improved intestinal fortitude.

On the other hand, I feel about five pounds lighter, which I’m enjoying.

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6th March 2009

haha, jeez, i sure don't look too happy in any of these photos.. but i can assure you all i'm very much enjoying myself [: -Jaz
7th March 2009

hello 3
Hi, Glad you're recovered and it wasn't more serious. And Jaz yes, take a clue from the kids and crack a smile, ha ha. LOVE, me

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