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January 2nd 2007
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I fear I fit the stereotype: Male, alone, gray hair. Walking back to the hotel at night I get a lot of attention.... usually motorcycle drivers, there seem to be a few that specialize. But my favorite has been a middle aged woman in a too tight but more or less respectable dress that approached me on 'Pub Street'. The police close off Pub Street to vehicle traffic in the evenings and the tourists are thick. Most touts are restricted from entering, but this woman, do perhaps to her respectable dress and advanced years, or perhaps do to a close relationship with the authorities, was wandering the street and got to me when I was just a few steps out of my evenings' restaurant. "Massage???"and then a little quieter, "Boom Boom??" "Boom Boom!!" I bellowed and laughed out loud. I'd never heard it quite so delightfully... subtle. She lowered her head and put her finger to her lips in the 'not so loud' fashion. Her concern, as we walked passed a patrolling policeman, was not the sensibilities of the strolling tourists...

During the day it is not so bad. But in the evenings I can't go a block without the motorcycle sex touts driving up or whispering out as I pass by: "Want lady?" "First massage, then boom boom?" One night I ask a passing British couple if I could walk with them to derail the barrage. "Mind if walk with you to avoid the sex touts?" Turns out to be a great way to meet folks. We had a good hoot over it. And I got home in peace.

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6th January 2007

no boom boom = no disease disease
Hey Bill--glad to hear your are staying healthing over there. Also glad you weren't in Thailand for New Years. sounds messy over there still. Anyway, Cheech is looking good. You did a boom boom job on your tarping. Janet and I are off to Chile on Monday. Our blog is http://blog.myspace.com/seanneilson Glad you are well and look forward to sharing stories and photos w/ you. -Sean

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