Day 91: Daily living

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February 4th 2019
Published: February 24th 2019
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There are a lot of things I have enjoyed about being in a place for so long where it starts to feel comfortable. One of the most pleasurable things is the drive to volunteering. I have gotten used to the randomness of the driving and people yielding as vehicles venture across at all moments, cars driving the wrong way down traffic, and the wild and crazy of the city and I have just started to notice small things. Every day I see a different shop, the group of men always on the corner smoking and waving their arms as they talk to each other and these traveling green houses (See picture). I wish I was a drawer and then I would carry a sketch book instead of a journal and have no need for a camera. I would sketch one picture a day to remember it. The van that had the hatch open but tied down and all you see are the 4 pairs of shoes from the 4 people riding in the back. The woman on the back of a motorcycle holding 1 bike in each hand steering them down the road as her husband drives. The woodworking shops that make beautiful bedframes from the trunks of wood outside their buildings. The motorcycle driver with 8 plastic bags of coffee hanging from his handlebars. The middle school kids driving down the kid driving a moped and the other hanging onto the back seat while riding his bike...just catching a ride. The woman with her kitchen on the side of the road making the best food in town as people line up to get their lunch. The every day things I never would have seen without the time to get use to all the newness around me.


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