Day 85: Safe consumption of street food

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January 29th 2019
Published: February 5th 2019
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One of the highlights of this trip has been the street food. Whether it was vendor carts in London or goat on a stick in Uganda, every country seems to have some street food creation. Siem Reap has been a street food gold mine of street food opportunity. Here are some basics to help increase your chance of successful dining:

• It is a good sign if people are eating there, this not only means people enjoy the food, but more importantly it means the food hasn’t been sitting too long
• Covers, plastic wrap or containers holding the food means the flies probably haven’t had an opportunity to get to it
• ICE...either food sitting in it or a cooler (if you are eating meat) or no meat sitting out

The picture is what Den (our Trailblazer supervisor) exposed us to. It by far was my favorite Cambodia meal so far. I want to stay late at Trailblazer just for the food. Even when I have been sweating all day because it is 33 degrees Celsius, this food makes it well worth it. The woman who sells it has a ”portable“ kitchen set up on the road near Trailblazer. Every morning, she is marinating meat, making fish sauce (spicy deliciousness), and prepping for the day. It was like I didn’t know my taste buds had been sitting in darkness their entire life waiting for this introduction. You have to get there early because she is a local favorite and is sold out of things if you are running late. Today Den saw a line starting to form on the way to coffee and made a quick change of plans and food came first. On the way back, there was a line of 10 people waiting for this food. Good life choices.

Other Cambodian Street Food Buys:

• Fried noodles and vegatables
• Fried ice cream
• Crepes
• Kabobs
• Marygold and chicken livers (don’t ask why)
• Pizza


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