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October 21st 2006
Published: November 5th 2006
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Our last night on the townOur last night on the town
Our last night on the town

Fran, Rhian, Stuart and I
The WarehouseThe Warehouse
The Warehouse

...another popular place close to Bar St.

5th November 2006

Let me be the First!
Hi Krysta, I thought that I would take advantage of being the first one to send a comment to your latest Travelblog! It's interesting that the mother of that child wanted you to hold her baby! They must be very trusting people! And/or good judges of character! We look forward to your return! I just heard yesterday that Christmas was only 50 days away! And of course, we will see you in about 30! Can't wait! Sorry that the phone connection was so bad this morning! Hopefully next time it will be better! Thank goodness for email! Have fun for the next 30ish days!....and don't forget....BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!!!! Love, Mommy xxxoooxxx
5th November 2006

Quiet Siem Reap?
Hi lovely, I suppose you're quite lucky. In the picture, it seems to me that you was at Angkor Wat in a less touristic season. I don't see many tourists. Was that the reality when you were there? When I was there in July 2004, it was packed with tourists! Love.
5th November 2006

So much to see, so little time...
Hi Krysta! Angkor and Siem Reap is certainly worth a second or third visit, isn't it!? I remember being so overawed the first time... it is so HUGE!! I had to return for another go with my new Christmas digital camera to play with as well as proper mono film in my old film camera and did the highlights all over again.... about 2000 pics later...!
5th November 2006

Kryst: Sounds like the swimming and afternoons in the sun came at the perfect time. Interesting results when you were nice to the local children. Love you. Dad
6th November 2006

Wow Krysta, Cambodia sounds like a really amazing place moreso from your tales and pictures than anything else. I was really surprised, as you were, by the language on the you boy how insane. I think you mangaged to hit all the great sites of Cambodia, and managed to makes some really cool friends along the way, along with purchasinga flute: which I have to hear about some time. Dyasphoria, Modernity, those sound like University words, I guess you've still got it. You must be having the time of your life, keep it up. Oh yeah, all that bike riding in University is now paying off it seems eh. take care, Feroze
6th November 2006

Hey Krysta, I understand a bit about your comments on the povertyy. For me it was in Thailand. I took the typical tour on the long boat down the river to the market, somewhere outside Bankok. I was shocked at the filth of the river where they bathed, washed their food and went to the bathroom. I left twith the feeling that i would love to take these people back to Canada and show them our wonderful country. I can see from you pictures in pnom phen that you have seen poverty that is even worse. Your really realize how lucky we all are.
6th November 2006

its very true
yes your right,nobody can honnor ankor wat like a tv,video,or photo can be as great as be there at least once in your life.i was there and i was so lucky i meet krysta there too.what a wonderfull writer that girl is.thank you for giving me this adresse and i will read all your trip.hope to meet you another time another place.
6th November 2006

What's next Krysta?? Thailand and then where? I have not yet recieved your schedule, which is, if i know you well enough, packed with places to see, sights to infaltrate, and men to google and play with. I would do anything to be sunning myself by a pool... right now i'm freezing and my pants won't stay up! There are no dryers in korea so anything with stretch just keeps stretching... safetly pins here i come. Send some sunshine my way!!! Keep on truckin'!!!
6th November 2006

For Mel:
Hon, I'm off to Myanmar on Thursday! Can't bloody wait! I love Thailand, but I need to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Love you, keep warm in Korea!
8th November 2006

cool and wicked
wow! still having a amazing time! just be careful! i hope you were ok after that little boy swore at you! its amazing after coming to hong kong and teaching polite kids!it shows how bad children can get all over the world! take care loves me xx
22nd November 2006

you're looking lovely sweatheart! am getting more and more jealous with every blog. gonna start planning my own trip now..
26th November 2006

Dude, floods?? I don't get what is so spectacular about going to see a place that is flooded...I'm worried about what people do in pools, let alone what they'd do in puddles!! Ha ha!! It is quite sad that little kids will come and curse at you. Sad really that they even know those words. THe primary kids I work with won't say any bad words at all....What kind of life would that be... See you soon, Katie
6th May 2007

So many experiences
What makes these blogs so great are the many personal experiences. The bad, swearing kid followed by the kids who loved seeing themselves on your camera is a great contrast. Now I REALLY want to see Angkor! XOXOX Jay
2nd October 2009

thanks for sharing
and keeping your eyes and heart open. I was in Siem Reap last month and loved my trip, I wish I could have stayed longer - and actually done some of the more immersive, local things you did. Cheers and travel on!

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