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January 10th 2010
Published: September 2nd 2016
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Young people ready to catch a bus going at school, women in decorated dresses, chaotic traffic, debris on the streets, birds singing, naughty dogs barking all night long, motorcycles and tuktuk everywhere, dserted streets at night and far too many backpackers that ruin the ancient a beautiful ambiance of what is Siem Reap.

Arriving dead tired from a long journey by bus from Vietnam to Siem Reap, all I needed was finding a place to rest a bit.

It was what I wanted quiet, friendly staff and not so many noisy backpackers. The room was fairly plain with a half destroyed fan but all in all good for me that I love this kind of rooms when I travel in these kind of countries, it gives me that sort of feeling of adventures that any traveller would look for.

Early morning, I woke up, just to avoid the big crowds, and went for a breakfast in a local place and eaten a sort of soup with some vegetables but did not quite understood what was it, exactly.

after a quick eating, I started to head off to the ancient city of "Angkor Wat". This was another dream coming true, about to enter one of the most fascinating and marvellous places on the planet.

I was slowly approaching Angkor Wat and I was only a very short walking distance from it and I could see already the immense beauty of this unique place.

Finally, I arrived at the entrance of it and, in front of me, there were two guardian figures before a long walkway leading inside the temple and a huge moat surrounding the temple that looks like a river.

Architecture is magnificent and the first hall on the left is a library still well preserved.

Along the western section I could admire the superb work that was done with the "Bas Relief" on the southern gallery commemorating a series of historical event from the reign of the emperor Suryavarman 2, who was the founder of Angkor Wat in the 12th century.

Basically the relief are thought to have been sculpted shortly after his death.

It is really incredible to see the precision of this masterpiece a very much detailed.

There are also relief sculpted on the eastern section of this southern gallery representing the 37 Heaven and 32 Hells that are from the Indian tradition.

Unfortunately some parts of the temple at that time went under renovation and so inaccessible.

Inside Angkor Wat is like being in a labirinth of alleyways leading to hidden rooms to stare at them in awe.

The hot and humidity of the day was becoming stifling and so I just left this great temple to get myself a refreshing drink and have a bit of rest before keep going to visit the rest.

Angkor area is probably one of the rare a few ruins I have visited that truly struck me by its greatness and beauty of this long gone civilization.

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