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August 5th 2007
Published: August 26th 2007
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After 2 weeks in Vietnam we flew from Hanoi to Siem Reap, Cambodia. This place was definitely the highlight of my trip, just as Easter Island was the highlight of last summer's trip. It was another outdoor musuem. We spent 5 full days there seeing almost all the temples in the area and some a few hours away (Beng Mealea and Kol Ker). Except for the 2 far away ones in which we took a car with a ... Read Full Entry

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Kissing a LeperKissing a Leper
Kissing a Leper

Leper King Terrace
Angkor WatAngkor Wat
Angkor Wat

largest religous monument in the world
Offering a PigOffering a Pig
Offering a Pig

Angkor Wat
Carvings in the walls (bas relief)Carvings in the walls (bas relief)
Carvings in the walls (bas relief)

Siamese mercenaries Angkor Wat
Chasing DaddyChasing Daddy
Chasing Daddy

Ta KeoTa Keo
Ta Keo

Me and DaddyMe and Daddy
Me and Daddy

Outside Ta Prohm

Not sure who that is but dad says I look like "him" in this photo.

After 1st full day of temples, I was reallly hungry. Angelina Jolie loved this place, and I agree.
Preah KahnPreah Kahn
Preah Kahn

This was one of my favorite temples also
Huge TreeHuge Tree
Huge Tree

Preah Kahn
Dancing with ElmoDancing with Elmo
Dancing with Elmo

Khmer music played by Land Mine Victims in front of Neak Pean. I did not want to leave

17th October 2007

Go Sofia go! Sorry to hear about Elmo... at least it looks like he went with a smile on his face!
6th November 2007

you have amazing photos........ how special for ur daughter to have these to look back on!!!! Shes well travelled!!!!
25th January 2008

I died with cuteness reading this. Poor Elmo! Your daughter is so cute and how wonderful that you are taking her to these places. I am thinking of having kids this year (and am an avid traveller) and good to see the two hobbies can be combined.
31st May 2009

Gorgeous photos and what a wonderful opportunity to be able to travel so much so young! Looking forward to your next trip
10th May 2011

Poor Elmo!
We were very sad to hear of Elmo's demise. But at least he had a brilliant last day! My daughter's donkey, originally named Donkey dissapeared somewhere in Hong Kong! We still wonder if he is alright! I have to say though, these are absolutely amazing photos, the best so far!! I am very impressed, also with how you put yourself out there to entertain the poor land mine victims!
4th November 2011

Happy to see cambodia on your radar !! i was there for 10 day too !....loads of pics on my blog..checkout ! I am pleased to see that the little one enjoys all variety of food/people and locations.... :)happy travelling u guys !... forgot to say this earlier: The Kruger videos are amazing ! hahaha !! cutie -mutie sophie .....and her "girrafffe"

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