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March 19th 2010
Published: March 19th 2010
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About a week ago we left phnom pehn full of plans which all went a little tits up. The plan was for Russ to hire a dirt bike for 3-4 days then come back to phnom pehn and pick up our passports which have been in the embassy getting thai visas and to then come to siem reap and meet me and wies. Me and wies were going to go to kampong cham and kratie then wies back to phnom pehn to get her laos visa and me on my own up to siem reap to meet russ. Russ had 2 days on his bike and then randomly drove past us in kampong cham and stayed with us in our room that night. We had a really nice big room in a hotel on the mekong river for only 7 dollars and Russ was allowed to stay for no extra charge. I started feeling pretty grotty that night, fuzzy head and really hot and sick so went to bed early and decided to go back to Phnom pehn with Russ instead of to Kratie just incase I was coming down with something.
Wies left the next morning for Siem reap and we were going to leave at about 10pm, me on bus, Russ on his bike to go to Phnom pehn but I couldn't get out of bed and I could hardly see. I had been having bad headaches for about a week but thought it was just the heat but today it got worse and worse and I also started being sick. Russ had to stay with me as I couldn't travel or even go to the loo by myself so he had to sort out the renting of the bike for a few days more at a cost.
I stayed in this state for a few days. Fever, sweating absolute buckets, headaches like you could not imagen, eye balls feeling like they were being pulled back in my head,and the most achy bones and heaviness and just serious crappyness.
The next day Russ had to take back the bike to phnom pehn so I stayed in bed whilst he rode it back and then he had to get a private taxi back to kampong cham as the bus didn't go until 7am the next day. I didn't move an inch from where he left me at 9am until he got back at 7pm appart from to beg some random hotel guest to get me some food because I couldn't go out. Bless the guy, I don't know who he was but he went to a cafe ordered me tons of food and got it sent to my room, I didn't get to thank him or manage to eat any of it, but its nice to know people like that are around.
After 3 days I got enough strength to walk down the stairs to a taxi to go to the hospital as I was pretty sure something was badly wrong. The doctor took my blood and temperature and everything else and then gave me a prescription for flarengitis...a throat infection. This is the prefect example of how bad their health care is out here, a throat infection, are you mental?!
The next day we went to a public hospital and the doctors there did a few better tests like for malaria and things like that but yet again said no your fine you just have influenza ( the flu ). By this point I was 90% sure I had dengue fever as I had all the symptoms and even I could see form my blood test figures that my platlets were low ( thinning of the blood, which is one of the more dangerous symptoms of dengue) so we got a taxi to Phnom pehn and went to a private very expensive English doctor who did some more blood tests and confirmed I had Dengue fever. I'm over the worst of it now and I should be nearly 100% in a few days, just tired and fuzzy still, but I knew all along the mozzies were going to get me, little buggers!

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21st March 2010

o hun i can't believe you got dengue fever! that'll be one to tell the grandkids, at least... i can't believe how hard you had to fight to get that diagnosed! you're hardy you are just had a massive catch up on your travel writings cos i've been thinking about you loads recently and missing you hugely! so good to read up on your adventures and have a little alicia sunshine... take care sweet, hope you heal up fast x x x p.s. gorgeous dreadlocks! you're all glowy

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