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December 10th 2017
Published: December 9th 2017
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While returning home from my last trip, something just struck me and I began to recall all I have learnt in all my trips including the very last one, which was to Colombia. And I came to the following conclusions.

Every city has hot tourist centers

I used to think that the cities that are mostly advertised by online travel agents are the only ones that have hot tourist centers but I was wrong. Since Colombia is not a hot deal, I would not have thought of it. I only went there on the invitation of a friend I met on Facebook.

He is based in Colombia and we became friends on Facebook so he invited me over. Although I enjoyed their coffee and I also enjoyed some kayaking but what really blew me away is what I saw in Cocora Valley. I saw trees that are 68 meters (223 feet) tall! They are called Wax Palm trees.

Before then, I had never seen or heard of such trees. In fact I told my 6-foot tall friend to stand beside one of them while I took countless snapshots. I never thought I would see such amazing wonder in a seemingly “boring” country like Colombia.

Not all taxi drivers are dubious

Often times, I have heard of how taxi drivers rip people off in so many ways. Some of them take more than their usual charges from strangers while some deliberately take passengers through the longest route just to claim more money. I have also had my own experiences too.

But this very day, I arrived at Lisbon, in Portugal very tired because I had a turbulent flight. When we got to my hotel, I just paid the driver and went straight to the reception to get the key to the room I booked.

It was while I was there that I felt a tap on my shoulder and when I turned back, it was the cab driver that had just dropped me and what shocked me most was that he was holding my wallet. He told me that he noticed that something dropped from my pocket while I was rushing into the hotel. Someone who is honest enough to return my wallet with about $250 worth of Portuguese currency cannot cheat people.

You will work better in a hotel room

Actually, apart from travelling, I also write articles as a freelancer. So, I once received an emergency order while I was on vacation. The offer was too attractive and I also do not want to lose the client so I accepted the order. Fortunately for me, the room had Wi-Fi facility.

That particular article writing job would have taken me almost two days if I was at home. But I completed it in less than 24 hours in my hotel room. There was no usual distraction like my neighbor popping in to say hi. In addition, I ordered room service so everything I needed was delivered in my room. I was able to achieve 100 percent concentration.

In conclusion, travel experiences never end. The more people travel, the more they learn.


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