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January 21st 2013
Published: January 21st 2013
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Bay of Bengal from the hotel deck in front of our room
Thur jan 10 2013

Biked today to town of Thandwe - 1 hour! Had decent lunch of fried rice with pork/chicken and vegetables in a very basic eatery where we were the only foreigners. Instead of facing the long ride home, R negociated with pedicab driver, who then strapped our bikes to the sides of the truck and we rode home in 15 min!

Naps have become a daily routine, especially at restful spots like Ngapali Beach. Tonight we walked 45 min to a restaurant called Moonlight, that R had read about. Good cocktails: rum sour and gin sour, both with lots of lime and orange. dinner good. R had king prawns; I had pork satay. Waitress who looked about 12, is chef's sister. Served us complimentary dessert of flaming plantain banana- not like our sweet banana-- rather neutral, starchy, and fibrous. The owner/chef (named Windsor) drove us home-2 motor scooters. Such adventures...

Fri Jan 11 2013

Very cool morning. Only couple of fish boats came in so not very noisy. Dressed in my warmest layers for breakfast on deck.

I had an interesting time volunteering at the local English school, sponsored by a British charity connected to our hotel. In the morning, I taught some songs and told a story to the preschool class of about 12 children. I told story of the 3 little pigs with help of props and drawings and actions. They copied my actions and huffed and puffed. 2 more action songs: Swimming, and Head and Shoulders (they knew the latter). All said good-bye and came to shake my hand.

Home for break, then back at 4.15 to teach the 7-8 yr olds. Larger class in the old wooden schoolhouse- about 38 students. Did songs, story, and writing/sharing activity. This class was a little more challenging to handle, but I had asked the teacher for her most difficult group, so I could help her. She has very little training, mostly from a (?) volunteer from Australia who visits occasionally. School is poorly supplied: basic paper and some pencils. No computers, photocopier, A-V equipment, or even musical instruments! I had arranged with our hotel to have copies made of my song lyrics, story, and writing activity. Sue actually laminated them and passed them on to the 2 teachers. Most of these children are from disadvantaged families who would not be able to pay school fees and often need their children to help with the family work.

Walked to dinner at resto not far from hotel. Took a bottle of our purchased wine to have with dinner. Wine here is rather scarce, basic, and expensive.


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