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January 23rd 2006
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Shielded from the SunShielded from the SunShielded from the Sun

A young Burmese boy shades himself from the scorching heat
Every thirty days I have to make a Visa Run, where I have to find the nearest border of Thailand and exit the country, so I can turn around a get a new visa. The 3-hour drive up to Ranong, Thailand and then a 40 minute longtail boat ride across the strait and I'm in Burma. Once again. This time I met with my Burmese friend by accident as he was now dressed in an official uniform. He could legally waltz me around his shanty town and give me a tour. With me is Evelyn Rodriguez of San Jose, CA, a woman that survived the tsunami on the island of Ko Phi Phi. Also joining me is Travis Mitchell, the young man from Boulder, CO that overheard my conversation about returning to Thailand in a cafe in Chico, CA. He wanted to come. And he did.

The first time I came to Burma for my visa run I shopped in a large indoor market. We, my companions at that time were Hayden and Cynthia, bought pants for the street kids there. This time I was saddened to see that the entire market, housing some 200 vendors, had burned to the
Heating Water For Her BathHeating Water For Her BathHeating Water For Her Bath

A burmese woman peeks out her doorway to see the progress of her hot bath water
ground. An electrical fire set the building ablaze and all their livelihoods with it. Farmer's Insurance will not come running to this disaster. They simply lost everything and have to rebuild.

The photos this time are explained in the caption below the photo. Wish you could smell the air when you look at them.

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If Only He Could WalkIf Only He Could Walk
If Only He Could Walk

No malpractice lawsuits in Thailand prevent this man from getting help by a botch spinal surgery...he's unable to walk
Remnants Of A TragedyRemnants Of A Tragedy
Remnants Of A Tragedy

A young girl's bathing suit still hangs from the roots of a palm one year after the tsunami in Thailand
Running Water - A LuxuryRunning Water - A Luxury
Running Water - A Luxury

A Thai village home is fortunate enough to have piped water
Between A Rock...Between A Rock...
Between A Rock...

A coconut is wedged between two boulders along the Andaman Sea coastline
Abandoned ResortAbandoned Resort
Abandoned Resort

A 5-Star resort in Khao Lak lies empty of tourist as lillies check in
Longtail GraveyardLongtail Graveyard
Longtail Graveyard

A longtail boat rots in the harsh sun one year after the tsunami
A Walk Of FaithA Walk Of Faith
A Walk Of Faith

Monks trek one hundred miles for Buddha

27th January 2006

Let me tell you, you make me proud to have you as my brother....and you take UNBELIEVABLY great pictures!!
28th January 2006

glad to receive your blog
Hi John - I met you on plane when I was returning from Miami (I think it was Miami anyway). Anyway, I enjoy receive the photos - they are exceptional! I look forward to receiving progress on the playground. Take care Reyes Briones GetAway Tours and Travel
27th February 2006

Really nice photos mate.

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