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November 11th 2009
Published: November 20th 2009
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Mandalay, despite it's romantic connotations, provided little inducement to linger for which I lay the blame solely at the feet of the taxi drivers I encountered who changed their fare (quite significantly) between departure and arrival. Initially I put it down to a misunderstanding on my part however, by the 3rd time (in a row - grrrr) I was distinctly annoyed and refused to pay a penny more than... Read Full Entry

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Stalagtights Stalagtights

In the flesh these colours were amazing!
Dragon at Chinese Temple Pyin OO LwinDragon at Chinese Temple Pyin OO Lwin
Dragon at Chinese Temple Pyin OO Lwin

Have no idea why he has a large wire hanging from his nose.
View from sunset hill HsipawView from sunset hill Hsipaw
View from sunset hill Hsipaw

I missed the sunset yet again due to poor map reading skills (not to mention poor hill climbing stamina). I was assured by those around me however that it had been pretty poor due to the mist.
Little BaganLittle Bagan
Little Bagan

Touted as the best sight in Hsipaw - personally I think the fire engines are way out in front
Heavy traffic Heavy traffic
Heavy traffic

I met these boys as I took my leave of little Bagan, they were the last people I met for 2 hours.

21st November 2009

Memories of Burma
I have enjoyed reading about your visit. It brought back memories of my own one week visit (maximum visa permitted at the time) to Burma for Christmas 1974. My wife and I arrived in Rangoon at 8:30 pm after the money changers had closed, and I asked another passenger how we were to get to our hotel without using foreign currency, which was illegal to use. He graciously said that we could use his car and driver, as his wife had driven to the airport to meet him. It turns out he was the British ambassador, and we rode his official car with the Union Jack flying to the hotel. A couple days after touring Rangoon we booked a flight to Pagan. We had wanted to stop in Mandalay, but the airfare was much more expesive. As it turns out, the plane landed in Mandalay on the way to Pagan. Why it would have cost more to stop over, I never found out. We were very impressed with Pagan. Shortly after we returned to Bangkok, there was an earthquake that extensively damaged the temples at Pagan. I guess they must have repaired them since then.
21st November 2009

re. memories of Burma
Wow, I wish I'd seen the temples before the 1975 earthquake they must have been a sight to behold. They have been extensively repaired coutesy of UNESCO, ,amy of the Buddhas are replacements and unfortunately most of the atrwork on walls and ceilings has been lost. I saw one before and after photo and could never have imagined how great the damage was from looking at the temples now. Many things have probably changed since your visit but it would seem the uncessingly friendly and giving nature of those who live their has remained constant and that, for me, is what made this such an incredible place to be. Already I am planning a return trip next year, maybe I will see you there?
24th November 2009

cute and funky fire-engines!! what about the firemen!!!.......... WHAT! yes, alright, sorry (so i like men) i have something in common with the gold leaf makers. yes indeed, i also miss my target with my (own) hammer and smack myself. ooohh "sare" see ya babe. xx
27th November 2009

Alas, no firemen to be seen Fiona but I can crtainly vouch for the Myanmar menfolk. Very beautiful and yet masculine at the same time (even in their longyis, much like a man in a kilt, kind of primal), the only drawback is the general panchant for betlenut which results in red stained teeth and gums. the women are all stunning too so you and hubby could have a fine old visual fest out here.
27th November 2009

having fun!
Have enjoyed catching up on your travels and it certainly sounds like you are having a fab time out there, your already planning a return trip?? youve not finnished this one yet!! Hmm interesting modes of transport hink I would prefer the sedately pace of the horse and cart to the dubious looking taxi or the buffalo cart! OMG how old is that fire engine!!! Got the post card this am so will show the kids when they get home they love reading the cards and some of your blogs. Ooh before I forget the girls cards and parcel have arrived safely, Chloes card was opened and for some reason minus stamps but the pack of stickers is still in there. Iam being a terrible parent and not letting them open the parcel heehee!! its sitting by the front door tormenting them. Iam getting great enjoyment from watching them trying to sneakily squeeze, shake and just guess what is in it. Ive obviously failed somewhere along the line as they haven't sussed yet to read the customs label lol!! hey ho enjoy the rest of your trip and look forward to reading more of your blogs. Thanks we had a great trip to Wales seems ages ago now though! Big sis x
3rd December 2009

Memories of Burma
Yes, it sounds like the people haven't changed much. They have so little, but were so generous and kind. Unfortunately, I won't be able to join you next year in Burma. Our vacation will be in Italy, in conjunction with the graduation of my son at a university in Rome. Our next priorities are South America and then Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.

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