Photos from Qala Ouest, North, Afghanistan, Asia

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Elderly Wakhi lady - Afghanistan
Beautiful views near Kizkut - Afghanistan
Stone bridge crossed during our hike - near Sargaz, Afghanistan
Goat herder - near Sargaz, Afghanistan
My guide, Hameed - Afghanistan
Wind, rain and dirt batter Ishkashim - Afghanistan
Coloured field in the Wakhan - Afghanistan
Our host for tea in Dogornun - Afghanistan
Common room in Dogornund - Afghanistan
Pushing the broken Landcruiser to higher ground - Afghanistan
Trying to start from an incline - Afghanistan
Herd of goats and sheep - Wakhan, Afghanistan
Fields in village of Izyk - Afghanistan
Gurgling creek in Qala Ouest - Afghanistan
Village elder of Qala Ouest - Afghanistan
Young mother and child - Qala Ouest, Afghanistan
Love the eyes on this cute girl - Qala Ouest, Afghanistan
The bridge in Sargaz - Afghanistan
Carrying goods in the near Sargaz - Afghanistan
Hameed stands atop the ruined village - Afghanistan
The village of Kizkut - Afghanistan
Girl of Kizkut - Afghanistan
Boy who escorted me to Kizkut - Afghanistan
Young girl and sibling - Kizkut, Afghanistan
A face that tells a hard life - Kizkut, Afghanistan
Village elder at Kizkut, Afghanistan
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