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Asia » Afghanistan » North » Ishkashim May 28th 2013

The bright sun beat down onto the metal bridge that reverberated every time I planted my foot. Each laboured step weighted by my two backpacks took me closer to Tajik border post, where a fluttering flag stood atop a simple rectangular metal shed. Surrounding me were bare white rocks scattered across an equally pale ground that glared brightly into my eyes. I glanced to my left and my attention was arrested by the stupendous peaks of the Hindu Kush, where mountains in excess of 7000 metres cut through the cloudless blue sky. Apart from the breeze, everything was eerily quiet – it truly felt I was crossing a border at the outmost edge of civilisation. I arrived at the Tajik building via a short flight of metal stairs, where commenced a detailed search through my baggage ... read more
Plenty to buy here - Ishkashim, Afghanistan
Hazizullah, the friendly clothes seller - Ishkahsim, Afghanistan
Police in Ishkahsim - Afghanistan

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