Overland 1972 - Day 45

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March 27th 1972
Published: April 30th 2013
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Day 45 - Monday 27th March

It was time to do some planning for the next part of the journey and assess whether it was possible to cross borders into India. First stop was the bus company for times and fares for journeys to Peshawar. Second stop was the Indian Embassy but unfortunately they were no help and only confirmed that the border was closed. I decided to go to the British Embassy which was on the outskirts of the city. I managed to get lost and fortunately two rich looking Afghan guys stopped and kindly drove me to the Embassy. The Embassy was an elegant white building set in its own grounds - very picturesque. As I arrived I noticed what appeared to be the Ambassador and his wife standing by a shimmering new looking Rolls Royce. I headed for the Office and filled in a form asking to see the Consul - no luck on that front but I did speak with a friendly desk clerk. He could provide no useful travel information though. I moved into the Reading Room and browsed through a few Times newspapers. There were articles on the walls highlighting the number of drug related deaths of westerners in Afghanistan and others detailing the arrest of fourteen year old Timothy Davey in 1971 in Turkey.

I returned to the city centre by bus for 1 Afghani and met Heather and Michael. I had to go to the Bank to change some more travellers cheques. It was slightly unnerving as the guards outside were armed and had fixed bayonets. The desk clerk queried my signature but eventually accepted its authenticity - the exchange rate was quite good. Next stop was the Post Office and I sent an express letter home asking for two new films to be sent to New Delhi - would you believe later in the day, I found a shop selling films at cheap prices - I bought some! My new cash enabled me to pay for the leather bag which I had agreed to buy at the bazaar on Sunday. I had a nice friendly chat with the two owners and walked back with an experienced Canadian traveller. He was going to Bamian by plane tomorrow and lived for part of the year in California and owned a property in Lesbos - very interesting guy.


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