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Asia » Afghanistan » East » Bagram April 13th 2012

Hello again! Sorry it's been a while, but wifi costs money in OZ, unlike in Asia... Here are a few of our favourite moments so far from Australia. - Cape Hillsborough. This place was famous for a huge beach that at dawn and dusk attracts all the wallabies and kangaroos who go to eat sandworms. We didn't see any on the beach but it was our first encounter with a kangaroo. Steph was down at the camp kitchen when she came running back up to the van, I bumped into her and she said there was a kangaroo. We went back down and there, surrounded by kids stroking it was a kangaroo, eating the grass, seemingly oblivious to all the attention. We could stroke it and pose for photos with it, it was an unforgettable first ... read more

Asia » Afghanistan » East » Bagram August 11th 2011

Day 2 Woke ok, but nurse insisted I rest today and shoved ano drip in me Had real good day at Billiluna meeting people, ended up doing a few repair jobs , cooked dinner 4 my host and prepared bike and self 4 next day is an Ab. Community of about 100 and support staff Day 3 Took off at 5.30determined not 2 overdo self but tanami mine was my long aim where I was booked in Nice country used a lot of perseverance and rolled into tamimi at 8pm - 9.30 central time. Dark 4 last 2 hrs but gibbous moon ok wow-steak and salad and a good shower and bed Dingo ran along with me for 10pm -big mine Day 4 Fixing bike and showen around mine -bike and rack rattling 2 pieces - ... read more

Asia » Afghanistan » East » Bagram August 10th 2011

First of all, you might notice that it says above that I am in Bagram. I can assure you, I'm not in Bagram. I am in Munich, in fact. Long story short, for various reasons this website is difficult and rather infurriating to use, thus I have opted to just hit endless links until I am free to write what I want. So don't expect accuracy in my locations from now on. My computer time is far to limited to spend time fighting with bloody Berlin is now long behind me. Sad. My six days there were the highlight of my trip, for sure. The hostel was great, met lots of great people, and saw A LOT. Although not everthing I wanted to. Strangely, I was more into the cold war history than I was ... read more

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