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Antarctica » Antarctica » Halley Station March 6th 2008

Finally the time has come for me to write the final instalment of this seasons work here on the Brunt Ice Shelf at Halley Research Station. I left you previously with the update written while we were waiting out the storm which ended up keeping us cooped up inside for just over 4 days. Day 1 was great, a chance to chill out and relax, catch up on emails, watch a film and generally do nothing for once. Day 2, similar scenario, braving the weather each meal break walking down the rope line so as not to get lost. Visibility was at about 1 meter hence the rope line plus you had to walk in pairs and radio through to the comms room to tell them you were coming and once you had arrived. The ... read more
SunDogs above the Line
Getting in from the storm
B2- North Nose

Antarctica » Antarctica » Halley Station February 19th 2008

I began my last update by explaining that I had time to write it due to being stuck inside because of 30-knot winds and huge snow drifts. Well, a few weeks down the line and it is time for another update only today it is blowing 50 knots outside and you cant see more than 2 meters in front of you! A pattern seems to be appearing and the only time you get to sit down and write is when you can’t do anything else due to the weather. Today is 19 Feb and generally the ship will always leave here around about the 14 Feb before the sea starts to refreeze. Yet we still have another 2 weeks here before its time to leave, the latest the ship has ever left from Halley. Lets hope ... read more
Emp and her chicks
Emporor Penguin
Maybe being chased by a Leopard Seal???

Antarctica » Antarctica » Halley Station January 12th 2008

We have been on base and grafting away since that big day, my birthday on 20 Dec. Today is Sat and normally we would be out there in the thick of things however the elephants/elements are well and truly against us and there is a 30-knot constant blow outside with big drifts and about 10-meter visibility. So, until somebody stupid enough tells us its OK to go outside we are stuck indoors, passing the time waiting for the wind to die. What better time for an update and piccies of the job so far. When we arrived on base the very first job was to set up the Logistics tent on site which is where we are having our morning and afternoon smokos (tea breaks), its also a refuge in the dry away from the wind ... read more
At the Sign Post
Space Frame
Working on the Legs

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