Favre finally has a game worth his name in 2010

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November 8th 2010
Published: November 8th 2010
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For Brett Favre(notes), the 2010 season has been a hodgepodge of frustrating inefficiency, disappointing results, and unnecessary drama (most of it created by #4 himself). However, it is still possible to see - once in a very great while - the Favre that has prompted all that sickeningly sweet announcer and pundit love. Yes, every now and again, Brett Favre will just be Brett Favre, and be just a kid out there, and move the team as only he can. The Minnesota Vikings' 27-24 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, as wrapped up in possible coach-firings and franchise upheaval as it may have been, was just such an event.
Minnesota was down in this game by as much as 14 points with less than five minutes left in regulation, but the Vikings benefitted from two final drives before the clock hit 0:00 in which they moves 137 total yards in eight plays, and Favre threw for 119 of his career-high 446 passing yards on those two drives without throwing an incomplete pass. The relative nail in the Cardinals' coffin came when Favre threw this neat pass to tight end Visanthe Shiancoe(notes), right over super-stud safety Adrian Wilson(notes):
The guy is a Grade A pain in the butt. But on days like this, with everything that's been going on near the waters of Lake Minnetonka, you get reminded as to why Favre is who he is, and what he can still do at times. Percy Harvin(notes) also impressed with nine receptions for 126 yards (both season highs) despite an ankle injury that had everyone wondering if he'd even take the field, but this was unquestionably Favre's day, and for once, all the folderol about his name in the media for the next week will be absolutely well-deserved.


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