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Africa » Zambia » Kapiri Mposhi May 2nd 2011

The road connecting the Congolese and Zambian border posts was like a portal to another world. On the DRC side, it was hectic with hours of backup; I ended up slipping through without showing my passport to anyone. On the Zambian side, there were decent lineups and a straightforward procedure, not to mention lighting and AC. Roads are tarred and driving laws enforced. I was astonished at the existence of traffic police when a truck I had hitched with was pulled over for speeding. Later on, in another truck, I was further taken aback when we were stopped at a checkpoint and the contents of the truck were searched for poached animals; everywhere else I had been in Africa the only vehicle inspections were for smuggled weapons (or bribes). It is nice to experience an African ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Kapiri Mposhi October 30th 2006

November 1, 2006 We made it through our sweltering bus ride to Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, to catch our train - actually to catch our next hot bus to Kapiri Mposhi to catch our train. We were so hot by the time we got to Lusaka that we ended up checking into the Lusaka Hotel right in the center of town on Cairo Road because it had airconditioning. For this luxury our accommodation cost went from $20 for the night to $90 for the night. It's amazing how little a $90 per night hotel gets you in Africa - we didn't even have hot water. It's not that the hotels are expensive here, because they're not, it's because it's impossible to get the things we expect out of $100 hotels - they don't exist ... read more
Baby playing on the tracks......
Buying food on the train
Hurrying to catch the train, arms too full

Africa » Zambia » Kapiri Mposhi April 4th 2006

Mzungu Beloved of screaming children desperate to get your attention means, in its current translation, white man. (me! white!?!) Its origins are thought to be from the Swahili words for wondering around lost, and behaving like a drunkard, about 300 years ago. White tourists wondering around lost and nusring hang overs. Mmm we've come along way in last 300 years... Lusaka I arrived in Lusaka later than planned, surprise surprise, and grabbed the nearest taxi driver to help me with my bags and to get me to Cha Cha Cha Backpackers, hoping that my reservation (for once I had booked ahead) still stood. They had actually managed to screw up my booking, so instead of having a single room to myself I ended up in a dorm room and saving more money! Then it was time ... read more

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