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June 28th 2018
Published: June 28th 2018
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I am coming yo my last hours in Mbarara (yes my last blog was just minutes ago but I could not get good enough internet to post it until now). I have set the students up as best as I can but am mostly feeling sad to be leaving this town. There are so many friends and experiences I want to have the chance to see and do but sadly I will not.

I have made contact with a friend of mine from before named Shaay. He will be taking the students to do Afripads around Mbarara and other projects. He is a super interesting character as he is trained to talk to young women about safe and healthy sex. This is virtually unheard of here. Especially the idea that women can have a healthy sexual desire! Who knew we wanted sex as well?! I am so looking forward to hearing what the students and Shaay achieve.

Next I tried to set my students up at an orphanage I frequented here but it is gone and no one could tell me where it was!! Haha very typical here but hey I got to take my students on a lovely hour walk at the hottest part of the day. What else could you want?

The second last set up for our students is with Mobile Hospice Mbarara or MHM. I am SO excited about this. The students last year went but I am organizing, with the help of Susan, a more structured schedule with them. This organization welcomed me, Susan and Arlene this morning in the most welcoming way. Meeting their team including their director Jackson, a team lead Martha (who is our main contact) and Beatrice a team member who showed me so many photos of her children and grandbaby. No matter where you go in the world a proud grandma is a proud grandma haha. I think this experience, especially the home visits is what I wish I could experience but sadly cannot. The dedication and love that is needed to do hospice care is just so astounding to me. They really are the unsung heros of health care in my mind.
I am taking my students to Bright Future this afternoon which is exciting as it is a new program in Uganda and fairly unheard of.
I also gave a lecture yesterday to nutrition students and it was nice to know that even the nutritionists here (they do not have RDs) struggle with their patients who think they know better about food. We are not alone in our struggles!!

Anyways off again to answer more emails.

Sending love from Africa!


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