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January 3rd 2014
Published: June 16th 2017
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We are taking a day of leisure today to figure out the plan for the next few days and get some medical attention for Richard. He has had a cold, cough for too long now and it doesn't seem to be getting much better. After a long breakfast chatting with the owner of the Guest House, Inica, we headed into town which is a nice walk and the weather is perfect. Not too hot and not too cold.

We first went to the Alpine Clinic to get Richard taken care of – antibiotics and antihistamine then went to Kabarole Tours to work out plans for the next few days. We have 5 days planned now so we are set until we get to Queen Elizabeth National Park. There is a lot to do as day trips from Fort Portal so this is working out great. We will do a bird/primate walk tomorrow in the Begodi Wetlands Sanctuary; crater lakes the next day; then all day at the chimpanzee research station; a hike in the Rwenzori Mountains and then on to QENP. I think we will have covered a lot.

We had lunch at the Garden Restaurant which we read and heard from many that it was really good. Maybe we just ordered the wrong things but the food was, at best, so so. Apparently they do have really good coffee so we might give it another try.


In an earlier posting I blamed Idi Amin for all of Uganda's political unrest – that was incorrect! The civil unrest in Uganda preceded Idi Amin with Obote who did not do a very good job of managing the post-Commonwealth country. Amin was second in command of the army in the 50's and 60's and Obote promoted him to the top spot in 1966. He proceeded to order the deaths of thousands of people who supported an opposition party. Eventually, Obote left Uganda and Amin took over power from 1976-1986. However, for 17 more years, Uganda suffered much political unrest/civil war. In 1986 Musevini came into power and as far as I know, is still the leader of Uganda. He made some very positive changes including freedom of the press, created a Human Rights Commission and encouraged the return of Asians and other exiles. He has also proactively encouraged foreign investment and tourism which is very evident via Uganda Tourism through which you can find information to book almost any trip and/or accommodation in the country.


3rd January 2014

We wish and pray Richard would be recovering soon. Thank you for sharing the trip and the history past and present of Uganda. Much love, Neat, Vatana, Thida and Poan

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