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March 12th 2011
Published: March 17th 2011
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Again.....Another trip to Jinja, this time with the aim of actually doing something!
I went up on the Friday, again on the free shuttle! i spent most of friday chilling at the bar with the magnificent views over the river! I even went for a swim down on the beach that NRE had made, the current on this part of the river was rather fast!
I had a relatively early night as I had to be up early saturday to go rafting! 😊

Having rolled out of bed and into the bus to take me to the main NRE site to get the briefing, equipment for rafting, breakfast and to meet the other rafters we where finally on our way to the start point.
The drive to the start point took us out of Jinja and down a long road surrounded by small villages, where the children all ran after the bus waving at us! The road took us past large steel factories and the site of the new Hydro Electric Dam (which is why the rafting has had to be moved further downstream). After about 45 minutes we came off of the main road and onto a dirt track, which again took us through a few small villages, some of which were next to small quarries (quarrying for the small stones that people put in their gardens and places like that.....)
We eventually got to the start point, where we were given another briefing, this time aimed more at the actual raft!
We then split into our groups! I was with a young couple from Belgium, a lad from manchester and a Ugandan couple! we then got into the raft and paddled into the middle to practice the things we had been shown, such as how to flip the raft back over when it tips and how to get back into the raft!

The trip down the Nile was amazing! out of the 4 rafts we were the only one that didnt flip! And I was the only person that fell out (once, and on the very last rapid.....) The first rapid was a 5-10meter high waterfall! which we just flew down....after that start we were prepared for anything. The rapids varied from large waves to waterfalls that through you around the raft...(or in some peoples cases into the water...)

If u want a more detailed version i have a DVD of the days rafting you can watch when i come home..... :D

Once we had come to the end of the rafting, we went up to have a BBQ and some beers, which was a great way to end such a good day!

Again Sunday was spent lazing at the bar reading, whilst i waited for the shuttle bus to depart back to Kampala and back to Red Chilli!


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