Kampala: Hot and Dusty and Full of Ugly Birds!

This journal has been deleted.
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11th April 2012

Great blog Jason...but cringe.....
The thought of someone slicing away at some poor guy's pride and joy for 3 days has made my eyes water....the mind boggles at how they go about it, well, no actually, I'd rather not think about it!!! Urrgh!!! As for ugly birds, have you ever driven along Southend seafront on a Friday or Saturday night?
11th April 2012

Never been to southend myself but plenty of similar places!
11th April 2012

Kampala looks like a fun place to visit. Those Marabou storks look like some seriously bad-ass mofos, would love to see them in real life. I really laughed at the 'bonkmate' sneaking away to another sugar daddy. Great blog, mate!
11th April 2012
Marabou Stork - Ugly bird

Wow, the one on the right looks like its face is half-gone. You're not exaggerating by calling them hideous and adding the size, they must be a sight. Great blog. Thanks for sharing.
31st March 2013
Ugandan clan totems. The one in the middle is a load of shit

It's a gongolo.
The totem in the middle is a kind of millipede, normally black in colour and coils up when touched. It's called gongolo in the Ganda language. Mostly played with by young kids in the villages,etc. However it's one of a dangerous family variety that can kill when stung. Otherwise it's a coiled millepede of sorts.cheers.

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