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Africa » Tunisia » Monastir May 19th 2019

Return to Tunisia April 15 – May 19, 2019 On April 15th we started our journey back to Tunisia where Tsamaya has been this winter. We left our house at 8:30AM to give ourselves time to stop in for a few minutes to see Mom again, then over to my sister as she was taking us to the Albany airport. Our flight left a little late but it wasn’t a problem as we were to have 4 3/4 hours of layover in Philadelphia. From there we caught a flight taking us directly to Rome. Again this flight was a little late leaving but they made up time and again it definitely wasn’t a problem for us as we were going to have to wait almost 7 hours there. Our biggest problem with such a long layover ... read more
Rush Hour Traffic Looks Similar Wherever You Are
Welcome back to Tunisia  - views on our way to Monastir
Love the Lighting at Dusk

Africa » Tunisia » Monastir August 26th 2018

We arrived in Monastir, Tunisia on Saturday, August 4th and it is now August 26th. Where has the time gone and what have we done? We know by the reports of weather in other places many of you reading this have experienced hot weather and we are no exception, but this is northern Africa so guess we should have expected it. The first couple of days here we were on the “wall” near the marina office as it was quite windy so they figured it wasn’t the best time to move Tsamaya and we agreed. On Tuesday we were moved into our permanent location for the winter allowing us now to “settle in”. With the temperatures being near 90 before 9AM we have typically been doing our walking around early in the morning, coming back to ... read more
A Different Culture to Learn About Here in Tunisia
His and Her Camels Here in Monastir
Seafood Pizza - An Interesting Combination

Africa » Tunisia » Monastir August 4th 2018

Yesterday we had a long passage and during that time I had a chance to write down a few thoughts - I know that there are still numerous blog entries I need to do to "catch up" with what we have done since my last entry, but thought you might be interested to find out what we did just yesterday. Saturday, August 4th - our last sail of this season. It is coming early this year, but that is the way it worked out with our visa. Weather forecast has been checked and double-checked. All looks good for the 17 hour crossing to Tunisia if predictions hold. Tried to get some sleep last night but neither of us could so just rested. The alarm went off at 1:30AM and we go through all the tasks to ... read more
The Moonlight is Always Welcomed On Night Passages
Getting a Little Lighter - Always Makes It Easier
Soon We Will Have a Sunrise

Africa » Tunisia » Monastir October 20th 2012

After a few days in Tunis it is now time to move on, Mo and I sat in a coffee shop along the Ave. Bourquiba waiting for my next Couchsurfing host to show up, Ussema. Eventually he turned up and we took a louage(shared taxi) to Monastir where he lives while finishing up his training in Dentistry. 2 hours later we arrived in Monastir and I met Wael, Ussema's roommate, these guys are very easy to get along with, and speaks very good English, and very very funny. We went for a swim in the early eve, as the beach is just minutes away, the water was cold so actually it was only Ussema who swam. After a nice dinner, their friend Nizrin picked us up and we hung out at a local watering hole near ... read more
El Jem

Africa » Tunisia » Monastir December 3rd 2009

In the early days of any teaching contract you rarely have a full timetable of classes. That’s great for us as it gives us the chance to get a few day trips in before work gets too busy and/or stressful!! Sousse, where we are living, is a touristy town but it is not alone on this stretch of Tunisia’s coastline. Nearby the resort of Monastir is probably a little better known amongst European holidaymakers. Getting there is easy for us. We just take a bus into the centre of Sousse and then another bus down to Monastir. In all it’s about 90 minutes travel so not so bad. The problem was that we had just missed the bus from Sousse so we had to chase it down the street until it stopped for us!!! Monastir is ... read more
Lucky 7
Local transport
Monastir Ribat

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