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May 23rd 2012
Published: May 23rd 2012
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Last evening we met in the International Lounge for a talk on Tongolese culture. Well, there are over 50 cultural groups here, but there are some unifying threads: unity, working together, hope, interdependence. A local couple discussed art, music, and story telling. here are a few proverbs. The more proverbs a man knows, the wiser he will be in the eyes of others.

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1 Your own brother cannot be on the fruit tree and you eat the green fruits.

2 One hand cannot catch a buffalo.

3 The ants say that, together, they can build a deck.

4 You recognize a true friend when you have a problem.

5 The head scarf begins at home.

6 A child who knows how to wash his hands clean, eats with the elders.


1 If your brother is the one in charge, you will enjoy the best benefits. Good relationships reap benefits.

2 There is no strength in isolation. One tree cannot make a forest. We all need each other to survive. We are interdependent.

3 We accomplish tasks together. Together, we can do more than what can be done alone,

4 We rely on each other at all times. We will never be alone because we have invested in building strong relationships. True friends share resources with one another.

5 The education of children begins in the home. Parents reflect their children and vice versa. A successful marriage depends on the woman. The woman is in charge of the home activities. If the woman is not well-trained, she cannot create a good home.

6 A child must obey the elders. There is great value in listening more and talking less. A child, who does not run his mouth or gossip but instead listen carefully to his elders, can join in conversation with them.

The protocal (agreement) was signed yesterday! After Guinea, AfricaMercy will go to Congo (the Congo that has a small coastline). Don is the founder of Mercy Ships. He and his wife are spending a little time on board.

Protocol Signed with Congo Brazzaville!

Don Stephens is happy to announce that the Congo Protocol has been signed by Mr. Firmin AYESSA, Minister of State and Director of Cabinet for H.E President Sassou N'GUESSO.


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