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October 13th 2009
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Sunday is the volunteer day off, so I went with 5 other volunteers into Karatu, a nearby village where we went out for dinner, drinks and dancing. It was a wild night for the wazungu (white people), a few of the staff (locals) from the children's village showed up too, and we stayed out until about 4 am! The next morning we walked about 2 miles outside of town to a local art gallery perched on the side of a mountain, looking out over the beautiful countryside, where we ordered delicious food, and sat relaxing (recovering) for about 4 hours waiting for our ride back home. I bought a new handbag and some other trinkets made by young local women who are battling HIV and working to support themselves. I also bought a bunch of beaded jewlery from one of the house mamas here at the village who is massai and makes them all herself...they are all beautiful.
So I continue to go out on daily walks with the kids in the afternoon, in search of wildlife and culture. The wildlife tends to hide out during the heat of the day (most afternoons have been in the 80's-90's) but culture is everywhere! The kids were playing with my binoculars and camera one day when some massai walked upon us and asked (the kids in swahili) if they could try them out. They seemed fascinated! I haven't taken many pics myself yet, because the kids always have my camera, but there are some good shots nonetheless. I'm pulling together a playlist for a dance party with the kiddos this afternoon...cheza!
I love and miss you all!

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13th October 2009

i must say, i am so releived to here your stories and see your pics...not so nervous for you anymore. Just excited for you next adventures :)
15th October 2009

The kids are stunning! You look so beautiful too!
19th October 2009

Too much fun!!!!!!
Hey Amy girl!!! love pictures and updates!!! You look good in the pictures the children took I'm guessing you've met some future photographers. Take care can"t wait for more updates. love ya!!!!

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