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October 26th 2010
Published: October 26th 2010
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Moses says hiMoses says hiMoses says hi

The first and last time he lets me shave his head.
I'm TANNED! and a little bit burnt. But don't focus so much on that part, it's the tan we're getting excited about! And yes, I applied my SPF 50 like it was going out of style. Why am I so tanned you ask? Well, I was at the beach for 4 days! It was wonderful. On Friday we left really early and drove in Nelson's van to a coastal town called Pangani, and then took a ferry for literally 2 minutes across the Pangani River to get to the ocean side of the town. It was BEAUTIFUL! We stayed at this little resort called Beach Crab Resort, and funny enough, there are crabs all over the beach! Coincidence, right? But the crabs are only out at night, and they don't want to hang out with you just as much as you don't want to hang out with them. I didn't take any pictures of them because some people (ahem Virginia) is irrationally afraid of crustaceans, and I learned my lesson from the Janet Lee snake picture incident.

Anyways, on Friday night there was a fantastic beach side bbq. The staff move all the tables onto the beach and have a
Beach Crab ResortBeach Crab ResortBeach Crab Resort

named after the crabby beach.
buffet of fresh salads and seafood and fish. It was delicious! The local staff was wonderful and really friendly, but there were 2 interns from Germany (the resort is owned by a lovely German couple) and one of them was a huge b*tch. I tried to censor myself, sorry. And you all know how difficult it is for me to hold my tongue, so it was definitely an exercise in willpower. But we didn't let that ruin our weekend. On Saturday morning Moses' friend Rahim who lives in Pangani met us with his boat and took us out to this little island that is only there when it is low tide. It was actually the most sketchy watercraft I have ever had the pleasure of being on, definitely no Spectacle II. Rahim brought his friend along and his only job was to bail the water out of the boat as we were moving. The island was amazing! It was pretty tiny, and the tide was jsut low enough for us to snorkel and see the coral reef and all the fish! AND THEN I SAW A DOLPHIN JUMP! I kid you not, I could hardly believe it myself. It was probably the coolest thing ever.

After the snorkeling we just hung out on the beach and relaxed for the day, and then did the same thing on sunday. Unfortunately we had to come home on Monday. It was a tiring weekend, the sun sure takes a lot out of a girl.

So, sad to say this is my last week with my babies at the orphanage. But the good news is that I leave for Zanzibar on Friday! And then I come back to Canada on Wednesday. It is all very bittersweet and I have troubles dealing with my emotions, as many of you already know. But if you would like to arrange an airport party in my honour, feel free to contact Shelly Feldman for arrangements.

Anyways, that is all for now. I will try to post again before I leave!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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Our transportation to the islandOur transportation to the island
Our transportation to the island

may have had a few holes here and there...

Two drowning rats

Imagine my surprise when I found this jerk creeping around while I was changing.

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