Why Tanzania Is The Best Country For A Safari

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February 13th 2020
Published: February 13th 2020
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Why Tanzania Is The Best Country For A Safari

When planning your safari holiday the big question which will come on your mind will be where to go on safari, time to go, the number of days your planning to take, level of accommodation and more alike!

Tanzania is a big country by size and safari park in East Africa attracting more than 30m tourists each year coming from different angles of the world to enjoy the marvelous destiny of Tanzania.

Tanzania by itself marks as best Safari country for your holidays due to the fact that they have all more than another country in the world.

The best and unique National park Safaris

With more than 17 Remarkable National parks offering stunning wildlife game drive, walking safari + balloon safari, abundant and concentration of wild, birds, landscapes, scenery and view of panoramic Lake Natron, Ngorongoro crater, Freestanding mountain (Kilimanjaro) to world landless National park of Serengeti can welcome a get way too your Safari in Tanzania.

Whether you’re planning to come to Tanzania soon for holidays and safari, we have a circuit of Northern Tanzania the popular safari and get way to your trip.

Safari from Arusha

Arusha the gateway to Northern Tanzania Safari-: all safari trip and mountain trekking start here to access Northern Zone National parks and Kilimanjaro Mountain or Mount Meru Mountain

Safari from Moshi:

From adventure trekking to safari trip you can plan a safari to access northern Tanzania National park safari as well.

Safari from Dar

To access, un discovers destination southern circuit safari park for your tailor-made or family or honeymoon. contact us for your Tanzania safari and Tours

Great Mountain · Why Tanzania is Best Country for A Safari

Tanzania has a great mountain in which every more than 40,000 attempts to climb a free-standing mountain in the world and dormant volcanic mount Kilimanjaro.

For many mountaineering is a sport, a hobby or a profession of walking, hiking, backpacking and climbing mountains.

The mountains of Tanzania vary in height, location, climate, etc. Kilimanjaro, being the highest mountain in Africa has attracted the attention of many climbers from around the globe. Then Mount Meru (4566m.) and Ol Donyo Lengai (active volcano) are also popular among climbers. Every mountain has its own uniqueness and owns beauty.

If you seek to get a challenge for Kilimanjaro after your long dreams and you want to achieve it, just asked as the quote of Kilimanjaro.

Tanzania has the best Beach holidays · Why Tanzania is Best Country for A Safari

Tanzania has likely the most prominent shorelines in Africa. The domain resorts offer a wealth of activities and the most flawlessly awesome Scuba jumping spots on the planet. The islands off the shore of Tanzania are something phenomenal too. It’s possible to feel like you are the fundamental individual for some miles while loosening up on these impeccable white shorelines, with the warm The Indian Ocean lapping at your feet.

You can go for an exciting experience like parasailing, remote ocean angling, kite surfing. Furthermore, in the event that you have progressively inspired naturally trails you can go for Spice Plantation Tours, Jozani Forest Tour, Pemba Flying Fox Tour.

Tanzania has a Unique, unspoiled Diverse culture · Why Tanzania is Best Country for A Safari

Masai Culture + People

Living among the unspoiled culture and tradition, the Maasai are a Nilotic ethnic group living in northern Tanzania.

They are among the best known local populations worldwide outstanding to their settlement near the numerous game parks of the African Great Lakes, and their unique customs and dress.

The houses are built buy mud, pond and covered with grass, inside the house, there is room for, animals, goats, and sheets. Outside there is a big boma which accommodation all cattle after coming from grazing. In Masai, there still a division of labor according to age set. 3days Tanzania Safari Pure Culture and Hiking.

• Datoga and Hadzable People

The Hadzabe are related to the Bushmen of the Kalahari and only about 1600 members remain still subsisting on a hunter/gatherer way of life. The Datoga blacksmiths work in a very primitive environment to make jewelry and arrows for their own use as well as to trade with the Hadzabe. You can spend a couple of hours in each village and found it very interesting.

You can take an interesting safari for a long or short safari with us here: 3days Tanzania short Safari to Tarangire, Ngorongoro crater and Lake Eyasi

Best Safari Accommodation Setting

Tanzania has a variety of safari accommodation settings. Don’t worry about where to sleep and eat, we have the best deal for your holiday. From basic budget camping to luxury furnished high ended accommodation we can create your Tanzania Safari holiday as best for you and your family or entered group you have. Get a look at custom Tanzania safari accommodation and let us know your wishes.

Tanzania Great Migration Safari

The Great Migration of the Serengeti is considered one of the best occurrences phenomenon in the World’, and one of the best events in Tanzania to witness. A truly awe-inspiring spectacle of life in an expansive ecosystem ruled by rainfall and the urge for survival amongst the herbivores of the Serengeti plains.

With more than two million wildebeest, zebras and gazelles move through the Serengeti and Masai Mara River in search of green pasture.

Best time to See Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti National Park

January – March:

Ndutu area-South Serengeti & Ngorongoro Conservation Area (calving season second half of February/March): the best time to see the young calves on the green plains.

April – May:

The migration will be at Central toward to Western corridor of Serengeti( Grumeti area)

June – July:

Grumeti Area-Western Serengeti to Northern Serengeti (Kagotende)

July – September:

River Crossing Northern Serengeti at Mara River- Lobo Area

October – December:

Returning of wildebeest from Masai Mara, across Loliondo to Southern Serengeti National park South Serengeti

If you are interested to see the world show river crossing of Wildebeest is between Mid July and at the end of August.

Browse between our Tanzania great migration Safari packages and let us know your interest and wishes

Stable and Peaceful Government with its people · Why Tanzania is Best Country for A Safari

With a stable country and well strong military institution, Tanzania is one of the safe, peaceful and stable countries you can travel for your safari trip or mountain trekking. Free zone disease as well. Every people in Tanzania are kind and personal friends with our words of Welcome Karibu Tanzania, Greetings words, Mambo, Habari, shikamoo, etc

Specialized Safari Vehicle with Well trained specialist guides and staff ( tour operators)

In Tanzania with more than 2000 tour operators, small or large operator, you can embark on your lifetime adventure safari with private 4×4 4WD customized safari land cruiser or Land rover with well-trained driver-guide who knows in and out about Tanzania both nature, culture, wildlife and flora, and fauna

The above highlights mentioned show Why Tanzania Is The Best Country For A Safari to you and your family or group, you plan to bring with them to Tanzania. See our reviews and photos about a safari in Tanzania.


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