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March 22nd 2011
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The KidThe KidThe Kid

Isn't he something! I wish I had his joi de vivre; he has nothing, but everything that's worthwhile in life.
I just had to share this photo. It's not very well focused because it was a snapshot and my little friend was in motion. But I think this kid is simply awesome.

I work in development and I'm now in South Sudan which, after a recent referendum, has decided to become an independent country. Hopefully this will end years of conflict with the predominantly Muslim North. There was a so-called Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005, but things won't stabilize until after independence later this year.

I get very - VERY - cynical about this business, but this fellow reminded me what it should be about - and all too often isn't. If we can set someone like this bright spark on the right track, then perhaps (to quote a senior and rather bitter colleague) it will not have been "all in vain".

More on South Sudan to come.


7th April 2011

Beautiful child, simple innocence ! No Nintendo, no chocolates, and I suppose (hope I am wrong) not even a meagre meal !But happy happy happy ! Not yet exposed to the violence and brutality in these parts. No justice....

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