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October 6th 2008
Published: October 6th 2008
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Some photos from our time with Thanda Afterschool.

Additional photos below
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Me & TravisMe & Travis
Me & Travis

In a shopping mall in Durban.
Locking upLocking up
Locking up

our front gate at our humble home in Hibberdene--which would stay locked and closed at all times.
Netball ladiesNetball ladies
Netball ladies

waiting in the shade before their match is to begin.

on his final day at Thanda, he decided to go down and play Netball with the netball girls.

Math Teacher/rockstar for Thanda Afterschool.
Viktorija and NosiphoViktorija and Nosipho
Viktorija and Nosipho

Brothers from another mother
Can I try? Can I try?
Can I try?

One day I brought my own lunch, the Balandele meal (rice/pork wrapped in cabbage leaves, a lithuanian dish) and everyone was curious, asking for a bite. They all loved it!! Afterward they were grilling Viktorija, asking for the recipe.
corner storecorner store
corner store

this is the corner store near Khathi High School, where all the students go during breaks to buy snacks--the most popular is a donut (fried dough ball) with Polony (like SPAM) meat. We opted for the donut without the Polony.
Netball circleNetball circle
Netball circle

beginning Netball class.
Mandisa, Andiswa, and ViktorijaMandisa, Andiswa, and Viktorija
Mandisa, Andiswa, and Viktorija

Viktorija with two of her Netball students.

A fire that broke out across the street from our place in Hibberdene. There is no Fire Department in our town and the nearest one is a half hour away and as Arthur put it, "they don't work on the weekends". The fire eventually died out on its own.
Where did u come from?Where did u come from?
Where did u come from?

This guy showed up one day at the basketball court. He lives nearby, has finished high school but did not pass the Matric exam. He is unemployed and living at home, but trying to pass the exam. He would occaisonally come and play basketball with us.

9th October 2008

that face was just my excitement for the Cepeliniai (which I still haven't tried to make on my own)

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