January 14, 2011

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January 21st 2011
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The field is quite large, but not as big as the football ones.
What do you know? You do learn on weekends!

Sunday the South African and Zimbabwe under 20 Cricket teams came and played at Bridge House. Max taught me about the game while they the teams played.

The point of the game is to get "runs." One gets a run by hitting the ball then running back and forth between the wickets. Wickets are three posts linked together that the hitters bat in front of. There is a white circle around the field, and if a ball rolls over it the running team gets 4 runs, if the ball is hit over the rope the team gets 6 runs. A hitter can get out when they the ball with the back of their bat. The players is also out if their ball is caught or the ball nocks over their wicket.

Over all the game was semi interesting. If I were to play/ support a non American sport, it would not be cricket. It is far too slow for my taste. Rugby is much faster and exciting.

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You can see the wicket clearly.

26th January 2011

Ok thanks for the infomation on wicket ball. Send pics of your new room. LOVE YOU.
27th January 2011

I am glad the Mad Blogger is Back!
It is good to see you back on the blog! I hope this quarter is as good as the last. Take care and keep it up!

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