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July 17th 2014
Published: June 22nd 2017
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Poor pic, but you get the idea...Poor pic, but you get the idea...Poor pic, but you get the idea...

Rob's very happy to finally get her Tanzanite.
Geo: -33.9262, 18.422

The weather has turned and it's windy and rainy outside. Luckily we have completed all of our planned sight seeing. After a brief shopping excursion we have spent much of the time lazing inside.

We finalised our ring search this morning and settled on an oval Tanzanite stone that a jeweller set into a ring by 3:30pm. I wonder why this should be impossible in Australia.

Our pickup is 7am tomorrow for the long journey home via Joburg and Singapore. We are due in at 7:30pm on Sat, after 28 hours travelling. Apparently the plane is full so sadly we won't get the bonus of spare seats to spread out. C'est la vie!

Shades of Franschhoek, our ride nearly got hijacked again! Our very enthusiastic driver turned up 35 min early, and we saw him and said hello while settling our bill, before going upstairs for breakfast. Then, while we were breakfasting, a well dressed man turned up and also got into the car. Oh, we thought, the driver didn't mention another passenger. Hope there's enough room for the three of us and luggage in a standard Hyundai Sonata. The man went inside and we asked the driver if this was all kosher. He thought the man was with us and that his tasking sheet was wrong. No, it turned out that the man was very drunk (at 6:30am) and was confused. He was politely ejected without fuss and we went to the airport. The driver (Willie) was from the Congo and we had a good chat.


20th July 2014

Sel, Rob,I will be sure NOT to tell Carol about the Tanzanite ...but suspect that will ultimately prove to be ineffective ....Cheers,Lowie
23rd July 2014

Lovely Tanzanite Robyn . Gorgeous colour!Thanks for sharing all your pics and travelogue with us. Sounds like a fantastic holiday!

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