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February 18th 2010
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South Africa is beautiful. Absolutely stunning, one might say and one does. From the moment we crossed the border it was as if we'd left Africa and landed in Australia. We were so confused, the trip had been mostly through barren land, even Mozambique was rough, sandy and dry but once we'd crossed this political border the countryside just changed in a flash. The land was luscious. Orchards of ora... Read Full Entry

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Wild Monkeys...Wild Monkeys...
Wild Monkeys...

...laugh in your face!

.....miles away!
300ft above sea level300ft above sea level
300ft above sea level

Anything to distract from those blindinly golden locks

A little windswept

Decidantly windswept
Cape of Good Hope..Cape of Good Hope..
Cape of Good Hope..

...we'd made it
The Wedding Pictures..The Wedding Pictures..
The Wedding Pictures..

...Try and spot David
A thatched roof resortA thatched roof resort
A thatched roof resort

on the scenic route back to Cape Town
Mountain PassMountain Pass
Mountain Pass

..was carved into the rock

18th February 2010

Wonderful! I knew you would like South Africa, how can anyone not. You have also done one of the things I have always wanted to do.... go down in the water and see a Great White! I think they are simply incredible!
18th February 2010

Another fantastic incite into your travels, sounds fabulous and also bloody scary in places,loving your humour shining through, fantastic to hear that one of you isnt a sissy or you would be home here in the sleet and grey skies and missing all that life changing stuff. Lots of love and care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
19th February 2010

You make Kevin and I sound like such nice people... it's a good thing we both read your blog :) South Africa was amazing, I would go back in a heartbeat, but my toe nails still haven't recovered from that hike up table mountain! I love reading about your adventure, I'm glad you've kept your sense of humor despite all the bumps. travel safe!
21st February 2010

Hey guys, Great pictures. David you look like you have lost weight WTF????? Zuzu gorge as ever. Your not missing much here. KPMG is the same as always, Watford canteen food is getting worse and its still bloody freezing. Love you both loads, stay safe, have fun and keep the updates coming tinKERbel xxxxxx

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