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October 20th 2008
Published: October 20th 2008
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Welcome to Westerford CloseWelcome to Westerford CloseWelcome to Westerford Close

Entrance to my apartment complex. I havent taken any pictures of my actual place down here yet, so here are a couple.
As we reach the end of October, I have one month left here in South Africa and one more week of exam prep before my finals. The American media wants me to believe that everyone back home is depressed by the economy, and that people are pillaging and chanting “Attica! Attica!” in the streets, so I’ll believe them. In an effort to take your minds off the struggling economy, I created my own final exam below based on South Africa. Nearly all of the answers can be found in my previous blog posts, and if they aren’t, they’re a mere Google search away. Hopefully you’ll find the quiz interesting and light-hearted, and if you get all the answers right, there may or may not be a little extra something in your stocking come Christmas time.
Good luck!
South Africa Blog Final Exam
1) Who was the recently ousted South African president?
A) Jacob Zuma
B) Thabo Mbeki
C) Barack Obama
D) Nelson Mandela

2) During my semester, I climbed one of the highest peaks in Cape Town. What is this peak’s name?
A) Dante’s Peak
B) Pride Rock
C) Devil’s Peak
D) Nelson Mandela’s Peak

3) What is

The courtyard leading into our complex
the name of the famous island where “Shark Week” was filmed?
A) Seal Island
B) Amity Island
C) Isla Nublar
D) Nelson Mandela Island

4) What is the name of the castle located in the city of Cape Town?
A) Hogwarts
B) Castle of Good Hope
C) Cinderella’s Castle
D) Nelson Mandela’s Castle

5) “Rafiki” means this in Swahili.
A) Baboon
B) Friend
C) Enemy
D) Nelson Mandela

6) South Africa is famous for the “Big 5.” The “Big 5” consist of:
A) Elephant, buffalo, leopard, rhino, lion
B) Elephant, buffalo, leopard, giraffe, lion
C) Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Pikachu, Jigglypuff
D) Nelson Mandela, Gary Player, Charlize Theron, Dave Matthews, Natalie du Toit

7) What was the name of the rapid that caused our entire raft to flip on the Zambezi River?
A) Commercial Suicide
B) Oh F---!
C) Oblivion
D) Nelson Mandela

8) Young lions are born with these on their paws:
A) Lightning bolt-shaped scars
B) Spots
C) Raptor claws
D) Nelson Mandela birth marks

9) What position did my elephant beanie baby play in football?
A) Quarterback
B) Short stop
C) Left Guard
D) Nelson Mandela’s advisor

10) If there is
Looking out my backdoorLooking out my backdoorLooking out my backdoor

View of Devil's Peak from Westerford Close. Not a bad thing to wake up to every morning.
a large gap between wave troughs, or if the froth from the waves is moving out to sea, this is a sign of a…
A) Riptide
B) Perfect Storm
C) Economic recession
D) Nelson Mandela

11) Which of the following people is NOT a UCT alumnus?
A) Roger Ebert
B) Edward Neville Isdell
C) Max Theiler
D) Nelson Mandela

12) Who was the billionaire imperialist who wanted to build a railroad from Cape Town to Cairo?
A) John Hammond
B) Bruce Wayne
C) Cecil Rhodes
D) Nelson Mandela

That’s it. Pencils down. I don’t think Regis Philbin will be ripping my questions from me, but at the very least we’ll be able to see who’s been paying attention this semester. To make it easier on you, I removed choices E-Z from each question, so I don’t want to hear any complaining. For all I know, the next thing you’ll want me to do is make choice D the same for each question.


21st October 2008

15 lb burgers ---at least it gives us something else to think about other than corrupt politicians, a sagging economy and here in Michigan, dejected sports teams (except the Red Wings).
23rd October 2008

People are a little nuts for Barack Obama here too. His book was just published yesterday in Russian, while McCain has no books published here. Apparently 37% or so of Russians want Barack, 36% just don't care, and only 14% want McCain. 13% I guess are undecided. Good blog. When are you headed home? It's gotta be pretty soon.

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