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May 24th 2008
Published: May 24th 2008
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Well I'm writing today to say hello and to let everyone know that I'm doing fine. I know there has been a lot of international coverage about the violence occuring in South Africa right now. There have been some violent acts against African immigrants, especially outside of Johannesberg, and has spread to township areas (suburbs) outside of the other metropolitan areas of Durban and Cape Town. But don't be worried since I'm not an African immigrant and I don't stay or work in townships, especially the more dangerous ones. It's really sad to about the violent outbreaks in the country, and it really isn't so much of a surprise. There has been a lot of xenophobic activity in the country for awhile even in 1997 when apartheid just ended. It's not because the people are more violent, it's because of the poor state that they are in, even after apartheid has ended and democracy hasn't exactly changed their well-being. I could write a lot about that, as I have been for varsity (university), but I'd rather not right now.

Everything else is going pretty well. I've finished classes, turned in my last essay yesterday...I now have exams to study for and a trip to plan for traveling across the Eastern Cape to Durban.

I'd love to write more, but I'm out of time right now. So, I'll give some more updates in a little while.

Take care!



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