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Published: October 26th 2015
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Deon was kind enough to put me up for more than a week. This is very epic as I have spent a bit more than I hoped and I need to pause for the cause to be able to do all the other things I want to do on this trip. So I relaxed while Mr. Mumbles worked the day away and we enjoyed the afternoon and evening activities Cape Town has to offer. One day I visited the V&A Waterfront where there are a lot of people partaking in all kinds of wharf activities. There was a big shopping mall where I picked up a much needed can opener as well as treating myself to a global initiative I have taken upon myself. That’s right….I went to McDonald’s to see what other treats we can’t get in the USA. LOLOL!!!! There was a Boerie Double and a Jalapeno Double. The first was the flavor of Boerewors with some onions(yuk) and catsoup. The second sam bam was I guess some jalapeno mayo and 2 chicken(supposedly) patties. Well… least the fries tasted pretty close to the same! Hahaha. The waterfront was a nice place to people watch as well so I really enjoyed this place!

A couple days later I went on the tourist trail for something to do. I went to the Two Oceans Aquarium to look at all kinds of fishies…The place was pretty diverse and I spent a lot of time on the microscope exhibit. And the whale place…very diverse. Next up was the Castle of Good Hope. Not really a castle, but more a fort, this old place housed two museums; the military museum and the something else museum…The guide promised the tour would be the “best guided tour you’ve ever had.” He might have been right as he knew way too much history not only of SA, but many other countries too. Very cool. “Best ever?” idk bout that, but I liked it and he had dreadlocks so we’s all gooooood 😊 Then it was off to find the District 6 Museum. This place, like district 9, was full of aliens. Jkjkjk….But the white people living there thought everyone else was an alien so they kicked them out…sad. So this museum was dedicated to all the 20,000 removed people of a small yet vibrant section of Cape Town. I next took a stroll through the Company’s Gardens on the way to the Iziko SA Museum to look at some history of SA starting with the San bushmen paintings. YAY!!!! Blah blah blah some more history and then back to the waterfront for a few beers with Deon. Whataday…..

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