Pezulu Tree House Game Reserve

Published: September 20th 2011
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Animal time!!! Soon after we left the mountains we reached the area where Kruger and the surrounding private game reserves are located. In fact, had the visibility been better in the mountains, we could have seen Kruger from some of the lookout points we stopped at. You basically come down the mountain, pass some farmlands, and then there you are surrounded by game reserves . Before we went to Kruger we did one night at the Pezulu Tree House Game Reserve. This place was out of this world!!! Because there are no big five animals (lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and buffalo) in the private game reserve that Pezulu is on – you don’t have to have fences surrounding your camp. So we were literally walking around amongst the animals. We saw giraffe, zebras, monkeys, warthogs, and antelope while we were there. At one point when we were walking back to our tree house we came upon a mama warthog and her babies – so cute! As we walked by though it was a little frightening as there is nothing standing between you and them. I was trying not to make eye contact because I didn’t want her to get angry – and she was already flustered since her babies were with her. Then, as we walked by she let out a loud snorting sound and I swear I thought she was coming right for us. Turns out she was running away – but I didn’t know that since I was avoiding eye contact.

The tree house itself was amazing – they somehow combine the rustic nature of a tree house with a touch of luxury and comfort – to make for a fantastic experience! It was just beautiful. We could sit out on our little deck and watch the watering hole for animals. While we were sitting in the evening before dinner we saw zebra and warthogs go by for a drink. We also saw a little steenbok (an adorable little antelope) come under our deck to eat. It was amazing. We had drinks at the bar while looking for bush babies – which unfortunately didn’t come out for us. But it was fun looking all the same. The sound of the frogs and wildlife at night were so loud it was unbelievable. Jeff of course had to go looking for the source of the noise and did find
The bedroom and bathThe bedroom and bathThe bedroom and bath

The bedroom was a room on its own and then the bathroom was up that ramp you see and in a separate area (bedroom is in front of Jeff and bathroom is behind him).
the little buggers all around the pool. Dinner was a collective affair – everyone sat around the bonfire while we enjoyed a scrumptious dinner. And, to top it off dinner was interrupted by the appearance of zebras at the pool. We all left our plates to see – and were amazed at how close they were. They were literally right next to the pool and so close to us that you felt like you could walk a few steps and touch them!

We awoke the next morning, showered, packed up, and headed to breakfast. Showering in our tree house while looking out over the watering hole was a truly awesome experience – there was an eye level gap between the tree house walls and the roof so you could look out and see all around while enjoying a nice hot shower. We just kept looking at each other and marveling at how wonderful this place is. We really hated to leave - but were excited to be headed to our walking safari in Kruger. Pezulu was an unforgettable experience to say the least –and we would definitely go back someday in a heartbeat!

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Watrhog eatingWatrhog eating
Watrhog eating

They eat down on their knees like that so they can be closer to the ground.

21st September 2011

uncle yeffie did you build that tree house?

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