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August 17th 2015
Published: August 17th 2015
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Today I went off to school followed by the others for assembly. 'Pastor Rob' led a blessing to heal the sick and we all learnt to spell the word LOVE! Eva had a very deep thought. In assembly we were discussing the colour of the sky and the water. "What does the colour blue represent?" the learners were asked. A little voice came from Eva, "life" But, apparently the answer was hope! White is for peace and black is for Darkness.

The children's singing was as wonderful as ever, lifted out spirits and set us up for the day. The hymn 'This is the day' will never be the same again. (Hey Hey!!) I went off to teach my first lesson whilst the others turned towards the playground. After an hour, coloured diamonds had appeared. Suzy insisted on doing a litter pick in the playground before they left for the mission.

Task Master Tim, "delegated" Eva, Suzy and Amy to painting duties. Again! (Can you see a theme appearing?) whilst he and Rob sawed, drilled and screwed another bench together. Staff at the mission are getting use to seeing us with paint brush in hand, crawling around on the floor painting benches. Rob is now known in the Cashbuild shop and has made a new friend to bring back to England! Whilst on this latest trip to Cashbuild, Rob and Tim encountered a security guard at the ATM armed with a M16 automatic riffle. They decided that they would not argue with the pointed finger for their direction and quietly took the longer route!

Last period at school I was joined for a reading lesson by Suzy. She beautifully read a story called Akimbo and the Elephants by Alexander McCall Smith. I then interrupted to ask questions and even managed to write on the chalk board! The children wanted to hear the rest of the story but they will have to wait for another day!

We are getting used to stopping in the road for goats, cows and sheep. The latest additions outside school were donkeys chasing the chickens which roam freely. Now we have seen it all!

After school, we all returned to painting again. This time I joined in on the bench painting and Rob and Tim painted classrooms. Rob also decided to partake in some plumbing so the toilet at school now flushes wonderfully! (Even if Rob does say so himself!)

Apologies for the lack of photos today but we all had painty hands!


18th August 2015

keep it up!
I've really enjoyed reading the blog about all you've been doing. Keep up the good work - it sounds like you are doing fantastic stuff!!!

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