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September 20th 2011
Published: September 20th 2011
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Episode 4:
Title: Down by the Riverbank
Starring: jackals, 65 vultures, a hear of elephants, some hippos, impala, warthogs, zebras, a 350 strong herd of buffalo, crocodiles, and one dead buffalo
Special guest stars: A pride of lions.
Location: A riverbank outside Satara Restcamp in Kruger Park.
Script: We had heard that the lions had killed the buffalo the previous day. We first saw some baby hippos out of the water. Then the lion pride started to defend their kill from jackals and vultures,. A heard of elephants came down and drank, sensed the lions then took off. The jackals and lions played cat and mouse.
Then, over the horizon, a huge heard of buffalo appeared. They amassed at the riverbank to drink, either not knowing or not caring about the lions resting in the nearby bushes. After some time, the buff moved off. Then a group of zebra and impala took the stage to drink, also unaware of the nearby lions. A large croc came from the water and headed for the buffalo carcass. Oddly, a hippo emerged from the water and challenged the croc. A stand off then occurred. The lions retreated to the shade, allowing the vultures and jackals the remains of the carcass.
After over 3 absorbing hours in the car watched the proceedings, with several other cars, we all agreed on what a great African scene we had witnessed, then returned to camp for lunch.
The End.
Directed by: Mother Nature
Produced by : Evolution
Costumes by: "Fur 'n' Feathers"
Special Effects: None Required

PS. We have now left Kruger - the best place in the world that I have ever visited - and are today headed south, thru the little land locked Country of Swaziland, en rout to Imfolozi Park and on to Durban.


20th September 2011

good one
In facebook language "hit like button!"
20th September 2011

Craig what an amazing experience! How fortunate you were to see all of the Big 5 too. We missed out on seeing the Rhino which was a shame. You know I can still \"feel\" the roar of the Lion that we encountered. He wasn't very happy to see us at the time and felt he needed to let us know. Amazing animals. Love reading your blogs. Brings back all the memories from our trip 5yrs ago. Looking forward to the next installment. Safe travels.
20th September 2011

applause and a standing ovation from the crowd. fantastic show mother nature.
21st September 2011

Hi Craig Your day in Kruger makes my 6 weeks in UK pale into insignificance. Keep on having fun. Love to Ross and yourself of course. Jean

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