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August 20th 2015
Published: September 9th 2015
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After arriving back to Homebase Melville (the hostel I stayed at before Kruger) I got to catch up with my Jon as he was still there trying to sort out some visa business. A quick round with the fellas and im off to the southern Drakensburg Mountains for a bit of hiking and camping! 10 hours in a bus isn’t my favorite way to spend my birthday, but it’s how it went down. Thursday proved to be a lot more fun as we went on a 12km hike looking at the San Bushmen rock paintings. Woa sweeeeet! Hiking and art! Hiking To art! YAAAAY!!!! Very nice hike with an excellent guide and we got to see 3 painting sites. Yessss. All the paintings were made 200-2000 years ago. 27,000 years ago up in Namibia I learned. Gonna have to check it out up there. Lots of eiland (largest of the antelope family here) paintings with the 3rd site being the largest march of people and the spirit world. Very cool stuff. Thinking of switching my tattoo idea, but I still might see a lion somewhere along the way. The point was to see a lion before I reach Cape Town because I will have like 5 weeks there to have a few sessions on a larger piece. But now idk! Either way, these paintings were really cool and quite reminiscent of the aboriginal culture in Australia. On the way back I learned about the Basotho people coming from Lesotho bringing large quantities of goods (marijuana) down the Sani pass to a bigger city in SA. I learned this because I found a blanket with a small plastic bag near it. It was full of tobacco. Then another small bag, full of some kind of roots. The guide starting getting a bit antsy and looking around quite a bit. I asked if these smugglers have guns and he said yep! So here I am, back in the mountains, camping and hiking doing my thing. Thinking I am in the clear. We can have nothing go wrong and wamo! Found some stuff on the hike back. Now there’s a naked smuggler chasing us with a gun! AHHH!!!! We actually never saw anyone the rest of the way back though. Never found a huge sack of grass either….weird happenings, but im alive still so no worries!!!!

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10th September 2015

Very cool paintings, the smuggler is crazy shit...Reminds me of indiana jones..or i should say now we have minnesota mike.

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