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December 8th 2020
Published: January 21st 2021
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The safari outings are very much like in Krueger, early morning and late afternoon. After a 5:30 AM wake up we set out for our animal sightseeing and photo sessions. And yes during the time here we saw all the animals we missed out in the Krueger Park; among many other species a Rhino mom with her baby, and a lonely Cheetah gracefully walking the savannah road. Also, a male lion and hippos yawning, we sighted, something which eluded us so far. Nenad far more liked the Krueger atmosphere of the Hoyo Hoyo huts out in the wild nature and the safaris with more unpredictability. Nambiti’s savannah and canyon landscapes were very attractive and completely different to the flat bush of Krueger. Nambiti lies on a high plateau of about 1’500m, whereby the part of Krueger we stayed is situated in a lowland of 400m altitude. This not only makes the flora different but also the climate. Temperatures drop at night in Nambiti to around 15 degrees and the tent has no heating. The big fire place in the camps main building, decorated tastefully with Zulu shield and spear, was a welcome corner of relaxation with a whisky or two. It was the busiest place we have seen so far in terms of tourists, made up of mainly locals. It was a weekend and so the majority came from the bigger cities to have a nature break.

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arcadia arcadia

giraffes most liked leave
here we go here we go
here we go

no 5 of the Big Five

observing observing

again tourists
along the wayalong the way
along the way

Guinea Fowl
Red Crested KorhaanRed Crested Korhaan
Red Crested Korhaan

the suicide bird
and a savannah and a savannah
and a savannah

coffee break

21st January 2021

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